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The rules are pretty much as in the book, Tl 10 with the example system used at the end of the starship construction chapter (in the 2nd edition of Space). The only differences are that Stealth technology can only go up to –4 in most governments.


Special Starship Construction Rules for the Humanity Fractured Universe


Like any other in depth game world, Humanity Fractured is meant to represent many different methods of dealing with problems, and that includes different methods of starship construction and different capabilities. In order to simplify things for realistic playability, however, I have supplied three different “advantages” that the different nations generally have in starship construction technology


Combining Technologies


The different governments are basically in bad terms with one another, and will never share their technology to other governments. They will however, allow civilians to build with their technology as long as the work is being done within their territories and the proper permits are acquired. Getting all three advancements in technology, however, would require getting the parts shipped in after they have already been worked on in the different nations, or transporting a ship from place to place. Usually, only the rich who need the very best as a conversation piece will end up using this method.


FEDERATION: Due to the power and access to ore the federation has, their ships may be built with lighter hulls and armor at a much-increased price. For $4,000 dollars a pop, hulls can be bought at .0005 tons per c.y, and at $3,000 a c.y., armor can be bought at .01 tons per c.y.


The federation also has more resources to technology, so they can use stealth suites all the way up to –6


MACROCOSM: Sol Tek used to be the leading manufacturers of starships for their time, and today Macrocosm still makes more starships for the rest of the universe than the other two nations combined, if you account for their size and population.


Macrocosm reactionless drives can be very superior. For doubling the price, you can make a reactionless drive from Macrocosm put out ¼ more tons of thrust.


If you have the hull manufactured AT Macrocosm (this would disallow the light weight materials from the Federation unless you can manage to have the ore refined in Federation territory and shipped) you can have it done in 2/3 the time.


THE EMPIRE: The Empire has advanced computer technology. Their ship computers are half the size listed for any computers and all act as if the have the increased capacity advantage at normal price if bought within Empire boundaries. They don’t ship out to the Feds or to the Corp. Expert Programs programmed there are always at an addition +1 to bonus and skill specified for the complexity rating, at normal price in the Empire and +50% if bought outside its borders.





Throughout the history of earth, many people developed different prejudices and varying degrees of racism toward different people who were the same, but just happened to look different. Some races were unfairly considered weaker, stronger, or less and more talented at certain tasks and subjects.


Just when it seemed the human race was finally overcoming the forms of prejudice of color and nationality, they came across different species of sentient being in outer space. Some of these beings WERE actually stronger, weaker and better suited to certain tasks. Some species seemed less able to fit into a human society. These forms of prejudice are much more complicated in some aspects than the ones that existed on the past earth, and there seems to be no end or permanent solution in sight. The human race might have to face the fact it isn’t the most capable force in the universe: they already depend on a lost alien’s space travel technology, for instance.


(NOTE: In some cases, aliens might not mind a sense of racism as much; some races might actually believe their purpose in life is to act a certain way or perform certain tasks. Although I haven’t added any of these races myself yet, some races with “slave mentality” might be an extreme example I assume in my campaign they’re generally strongly opposed to it like a human would be.)


THE FEDERATION: The federation in many ways the kindest nation toward different alien races, although tensions still exists between the alien races. Although the Federation may be more open-minded toward alien species, it is still a human nation with human expectations and a huge majority of humans in leadership.


MACROCOSM: This government is very structured and organized, with the value of a buck meaning more than a sentient life. If statistics say that one race is generally better at something than another, they will place those races into employment positions that fill their racial inclinations. Most races have even less freedom than humans in deciding their future. Of course, any alien that proves him/her/itself very useful in a “surprising” field of work will be placed in that field. This government isn’t hateful racist, they’re heartless racist. They will sometime use the Sparrial’s and Gormelites unique nature to deport them, although don’t do this blatantly at times in an attempt to “choose their wars” with the pissy Federation who hates that practice and is looking for excuses to go to war.


THE EMPIRE: The Empire’s main focus is on organization and structured society. The leader-computer being programmed by and thus thinking like humans, this means that any non-human actions are not tolerated. In many ways, this nation is the most intolerant one. Often times, many races will be given even harsher judgments than their human counterparts if their crime reflects their natural tendencies. They feel they should serve as an example as to how any deviant behavior cannot be tolerated. The entire nation forces these races to fit their glove. As a result many races try to leave the nation, and don’t enter at times afraid to get stuck in one of their prisons.  This appears to be fine according to the mandates of Emperial government.


The Gormelites are indeed anti-social and violent in most human terms. They have always had a hard time fitting into human society. Many people question their right to live. The same federal laws that protect the lives of human citizens still cover the Gormelites. This inherent added expectation upon the “shaggies” to behave in a human-civilized manner tends to get many of them in trouble. Many times fights break out between the Gorms and humans, and it is in the nature of the Gormelite race to become more violent in these situations. This in turn makes the humans believe it is okay to use any amount of force in dealing with the Gormelite race, because “they’d do the same to us.” This is, of course, very frustrating to the “reformed” shaggies. The poor Gormelites also tend to be the one given the blame in conflicts between them and the other races, and law officials often disregard their stories. Many people believe they should have there own planet in free-space like the Irari.


The Irari are a gentler race, and they get along the easiest with the humans. They are the most similar to them in personality, and they seem “cuter” than the other races (which could lead to a different, if not as violent prejudice). The nations tend to respect their natural leaning toward science and give many of them jobs as scientists, especially the Federation. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not given equal opportunities in business management or creative work because it doesn’t “suit them,” and they almost never are able to get jobs doing menial labor because of their racially brittle bodies.


The Sparrials receive some amount of the “cuteness” prejudice the Irari receive, but less of it because they resemble only vaguely like cats. They are however, horribly distrusted in the Federation due to their racial inclination toward thievery. They are rarely trusted and almost are never permitted into political positions, because most humans equate honesty and integrity and good leadership with not stealing (even if it’s a cultural inclination, not a “criminal” one). Many cat haters turn to the Sparrials as a “see, I told you so!” excuse for their disdain to felines. Macrocosm, with their sometimes-fanatical respect for the protection of property will seek out and convict these Sparrials almost to death at times. The Empire also does not tolerate their deviant behavior.


The Sauluns: This race does tend to get the short end of the stick sometimes. Many human races still fear reptiles, and these scaly folk are sometimes treated with disrespect. The human cultural attitude toward reptiles can constantly haunt them. Not having human-like personalities can also get in the way of relations with the terran race. They do have many qualities which humans like however, honest and humility, which many humans grow to appreciate. Some federal citizens joke that “the gov. should all be run by lizards.” Of course, most Sauluns don’t reach human political positions. They do become trusted employees though.