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Sporin is the center of the most successful rebellion against the Corporation, Opposition Macro. You have been involved in previous rebellions on the outskirts of Sporin or are getting involved for the first time. Either way you are a part of some new recruits to the Opposition. They are already making a big fuss over you.

You have a strong reputation for your field. Opposition Macro is apparently expecting you to salvage their special teams program. While you do believe you're good, you are starting to feel uncomfortable. The fact that you have never even met the others in your group only complicates matters worse. Also, you seem have come at a very awkward time...

After many opportunities (recently and in the past years) to prove your trustworthiness to the cause, you have afforded yourself the honor of meeting with Job (pronounced Jobe) the leader of the Opposition. Perhaps you are afforded this rare meeting in part by an act of desperation. Whatever the cause, he wants to see you right away; something big is going down.

This is your first visit yo Opposition HQ, and it seems to be situated in an abandoned military base, who would of thought? You are led to an unused Corporate marine facility, long since abandoned during the Corporate Wars. It is nestled inside a giant hill with a cliff to the side; it looks like a giant ant hill. After walking down seemingly endless hallways of corroding metal and dust you are led to a better kept area near the heart. It is here you will meet destiny and the companions who will share it with you.

The rest of your history - and your future - is yours.