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Last updated on May 30, 2001

You've lost your job with the Macrocosm corporation. This is too bad, because you've lost neat employee benefits like healthcare, retirment plans, stocks, knowing where your next meal is coming from, the right to vote, the right to a home, the right to exist. That's right, you're FIRED!

Join the fight against the repressive, monopolistic corporation Macrocosm, the government of the most horrid tyranny since humankind left planet Earth. The Federation has lulled in their wars against them, and it looks like it's up to a few rebels on the planet Sporin to take them on! The situation is pretty bleak for Opposition Macro, but it seems that everyone has a few trick up their sleeves...

This site is intended for those wishing to become involved in the New Tricks role-playing campaign for the GURPS system. It will bw GM'ed by Dave Robinson, an experienced (enough) player. 

The focus of the game will not be mindless combat. We will be focusing on role-playing, story, and adventure as well. There will be combat, but the sequences may be farther in between and more engrossing than in some "hack-n-slash" campaigns. Anyone wishing to participate should be prepared for games involving character development and more complex combat situations. 

If you are interested, then please mail me at: In your message, please answer the following questions:

After we begin creating characters, you will use the guidelines here below and those also given to you. We will be making 125 point characters using the statistics found in the Basic third edition revised, and the Space supplement 2nd (maybe 3rd) edition. Anything borrowed from other books will have to be preapproved. If you don't have the rules, you can download Gurps lite from the website given below.

Campaign Story

Likely character types Download Gurps Lite
Character Construction Guidelines Visit the GURPS home page
NT news and future events - under construction Usefull Gurps files - under construction
Mail me Useful info not found in Gurps lite - in construction