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        We will be using the character making rules and statistics found in the Basic Handbook and Space supplement. If you do not have the Basic set, you can download Gurps lite here for character creation rules and a very simplified overview of the rules. BEFORE you make your character, mail me at and wait for a response and further directions. You may of course disregard any information here that conflicts with instructions personally sent to you. I will let you know how many points you have to spend on creation. Then use the guidelines in the return email and those below to make your character. If you are unfamiliar with the rules or are confused, I'll certainly guide you through the process.

        Any advantages or disadvantages that include a storyline or special background will need to be approved by the game master. Don't worry, they usually will be unless unrealistic or obnoxious (for example: I was blessed by the magic duck fairy and now am invulnerable mortal weapons). Please don't try to "take advantage" of the rules.

LEGAL ENFORCEMENT POWERS, MAGICAL APTITUDE, RESISTANCE, MILITARY RANK, ALLY, PATRON, ALLY GROUP, BLESSED, DARK VISION, or LEGAL IMMUNITY (unless an alien equiped with that). No super human abilities like EXTRA FATIGUE or HIT POINTS.  Unuasuall background must be preapproved. Use logic when choosing advantages.

That's it! mail me if you have any questions.