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Remember you are going to be at war with the government, and the odds are against you. You will need special skills along with combat skills. If you decide to join us, you should receive an email (eventually) with suggestions on character creation.

Here are some basic characters that might be good for PCs in this campaign (in no paticular order):

STREET RAT: A street rat is someone who never seemed to fit along with society. Most have probably been "fired" long ago. Unlike many who die or waste away, these souls had a stronger will to survive. They are thieves or masters of the underground; many are rebels out of necessity as much as hatred against the Corp.

EX-SOLDIER: These are people who used to be in Macrocosm's military. Something caused them to fall away...

EX-SCIENTIST: These are people who used to be a Macrocosm scientist. For whatever reason, they became discontented with how the Corp restricted intellectual and technological rights. These are sometimes the most angry of the rebels.

THE SOCIAL INEPT: Just people who never seem to fit in, to the point of being "suspicious"! For whatever reason, the society of Macrocosm never let them play their "reindeer games". Out of bitterness or fear, they decided to strike back at the Corp.

EX-PILOT: Someone who used to be a military or civilian pilot for the Corp. Since very few are allowed this privalege in Macrocosm, they are very important and rare indeed for Opposition Macro.

EX... WHATEVER: There are all sorts of ex-specialists who became angry at the Corp. Mechanics, Detectives, you name it! Use your imagination.

HACKER: Someone who uses the less physical form of combat against the Corp, computer hacking. There is a plethora of motives and histories for these characters.

You don't necessarily need to use any of these descriptions, these are just suggestions intended to get you on the right path. Just remember to make sure your character somehow fits (or logically doesn't fit) in the campaign. For this campaign, there will be no mystic PCs.