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  • Gundelbar Ferindor, Paladin

  • Adouri D'Lour, Rogue

  • Cemar Gyn, Cleric

  • Qalare, Sorceror

  • Colin Smith, Sorceror

  • Nuumirlie Amavathal, Ranger

  • Message Board

Congratulations proud Holy Warrior! The great Bradmorr himself will surely remember your name and deeds when you are judged when your time is ripe.

You will have fellow comrades leading over you and the other troops, and you will be directed by Bradmorr's divinity every step of the way. Those less faithfull and fortunate than you to be chosen by Bradmorr will need your support and diligence to make sure that this great quest be performed adequately. They are not as faithful as you.

Our Bannric and god's priests have received visions again of the great continent to the east, Gosseg is being completely over-run by dark forces which also lay their beady eyes toward our great nation Quidann. We have been ordered and guided to protect our lands through a direct attack at the source and save both lands. When Gosseg is cleansed, it will be renamed Llendiel.

By Bradmorr's will, we will:

* Destroy the power evil has upon the land.

* Build colonies in which the land can be tended and watched over, and strengthen our kingdom for the glory of Bradmorr-Aldrast! 

* Explore and survey the continent

* Discover the mysteries of Gosseg, and discover if any of the legends are true. Obtain relics for the hand Quidann

*Discover our ancestry and history

Remember always that this burden is given to you by Bramorr the immortal, and his aims will be accomplished by the life and death by you and others like you. May the immortal judge protect you and find you home again.

Waric Wingaard, Servant of Bradmorr, Bannwic of His people.


Bradmorr-Aldrast : Obviously the god in who's name this war is taking place. His name means Immortal Judge (literally, Ancient/immortal warrior/judge in that order (the old tongue had a larger vocabulary with words of many different meanings and innuendos).

Quidann : Home continent/nation. Means both restful and gentle.

Gosseg : Name of fabled "evil" lands to the east. Means simply devilry

Llendiel : Means a gift of health that is given by divinity


Waric Wingard : New tongue name that means Leader and Protector. Probably had his name changed when he became in power.

Bannric : Old tongue again meaning "White Leader".