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  • Gundelbar Ferindor, Paladin

  • Adouri D'Lour, Rogue

  • Cemar Gyn, Cleric

  • Qalare, Sorceror

  • Colin Smith, Sorceror

  • Nuumirlie Amavathal, Ranger

  • Message Board

2nd Session (Kobold Massacre)

<Game Time: Thursday, January 9th>

Well our four adventurers had just slain Izan and put an end to his deceit, but when the fog cleared from that battle, none of the other ships they'd been traveling with could be seen. Who Izan was with, and why he had beendeceiving the crew, and whether he played part in a larger conspiracy had not yet been made clear, however. The only legacy he had left behind was a ring.

While the battle was heating up above deck, a human sorcerer and an elven ranger were aiding the crew down below with the undead there. For whatever reasons, their strong talents were not recognized while they were assigned to the war, and they were not previously admitted as soldiers. The new leader (as the late Gaelun and Gundelbar see it) appreciated the new talented help that was available. Their names were Nuumirlie Amavathal (the Ranger) and Colin Smith (the sorcerer).

The ship the Loudemma had hit a rock while sailing toward the continent, and the crew had to escape to land in lifeboats. No other survivors were in sight, and it seemed that for all intents and purposes they were alone.

Adouri went to scout for survivors from the other ships. What he found instead was a small group of men tracking him from a distance. It turned out that they were oddly dressed elves (unlikely members of a party from Quidann). Adouri could easily speak the language of elves from his homeland, but these strangers spoke an odd dialect. It took some trouble, but he could still carry a simple conversation with them.

After some time, it became clear that these elves were from a wild tribe, and that their chief wanted to speak with the other colonists. Adouri eventually consented and they were led back to the little colony of 16 men. After some discussion the chief (Di'rinn), it discovered that they intended to be friends, and would even help defend the fledgling civilization. The chief was generally optimistic about them all, saying: "I've been told by spirits that you bring good tidings, and will play an important role, some good, and some maybe bad. As of yet, I cannot know more." He had also told them that some humans from the east had been coming to this west coast with undead, and that a tiny platoon had even reached this wilderness. The chief told them that he wished the new company of men to help eliminate this new threat and promised to watch after their dwellings. He declared that the PCs would bring much change to the land, and that his people must be represented in their party. He sent his "magi-hunter" Qalare to assist them. Gundelbar eagerly agreed to undertake an attack on these mysterious men and their undead.

They set out, and after traveling north along the coast for most of the day, they begun to turn and head east into the forest. The next day they reached the foot of the hills where the cave that was hiding these undead supposedly were. After some deliberation they entered the cave.

They crept around the mouth of the cave, and things were going fairly smoothly until Gundelbar tripped a rope attached to a bell that informed the local inhabitants of their presence there. Six kobolds stood to the north, east and west of the PCs, holding spears defensively. They did not seem eager to attack, however. They preferred to escape to violence, but obviously wanted to prevent the PCs from entering the passages heading east and west. The kobolds to the north seemed to make no contest to prevent the PCs from heading that direction, however.

Qalare could speak their language and began to talk their way out of any conflict. The kobold speaking for the others said that the humans let them live in the upper level of the cave, probably assuming that their presence would help defend against intruders. The kobold said he didn't really care what happened, and permitted them to pass along to the north. Colin could not understand what they were saying, however, and being wary of the kobolds cast a magic missile at the creature, splitting him in half against the wall. Outraged and panicked, the other kobolds fought back very poorly. Before long, there was only one kobold living (named Slarlis) that was hiding behind a barrel. Qalare had pity on him and promised him that he would be left alive.

The PCs had all congregated in the northern room, arguing about the events, the elves criticizing Colin's actions and Colin defended himself. Colin had taken particular interest in a chalk line drawn across the pathway that was leading north. He could see some un-human blood near bye on the ground and noticed some other non-human blood elsewhere? Was it Kobold blood? Who drew the line? After some arguing, Gundelbar finally walked across the line and some unseen suits of armor came to life and began to march toward the party. Could this be the reason why the kobolds had been so relaxed about letting the party head north? Did they was to let these things deal with them? :)

After a very difficult battle, the sorcerers let all their magic fly into the unnatural constructs while Gundelbar and Adouri were wounded very badly despite Cemar's healing. Slarlis escaped during the ensuing battle. When hope seemed lost and some considered fleeing, the last Dread Guard was finally struck down, and the party could relax. They decided to try and rest before heading down deeper, as their resources were spent. They had accomplished a lot, but what was waiting for them below?

This is where the session ended, but the adventure is far from over!