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  • Gundelbar Ferindor, Paladin

  • Adouri D'Lour, Rogue

  • Cemar Gyn, Cleric

  • Qalare, Sorceror

  • Colin Smith, Sorceror

  • Nuumirlie Amavathal, Ranger

  • Message Board

1st Session (Izanís Deceit)

<Game Time: Thursday, January 2nd>

A group of 4 trained and able, but inexperienced soldiers met by chance as they were all stationed in the vessel "Loudemma," leaving for the shores of Gosseg, a legendary continent east to their island-nation Quidann. Their names were Gundelbar (the Holy Warrior), Cemar (the Holy Cleric), Adouri (the crafty adventurer), and Rhune (a mysterious wizard). This was a supply vessel, carrying supplies meaning to support the troops in the transports and supply the tools necessary for building a colony.

Gaelun, the commander/paladin, Iggrid a cleric, and Izan another paladin all met the onboard and explained the rules of behavior. Although a monk among the crew realized that Izan was very uncomfortable in his armor, nothing of interest happened that day.

Not much more of interest happened the following days wither, except a rather nasty outbreak of the flu. The cleric at hand expected nothing fishy, but Gundelbar realized that it was odd that Izan, the paladin, would catch the disease. There was a confrontation, but there were no outbreaks or fighting on the tightly run ship.

A few days later, the fourth day out on sea, the four soldiers were disturbed while conversing with each other in the sleeping quarters. They ran to the deck where 5 mysterious creatures were attacking Gaelun and Iggrid. These were foul creatures looking the mix between a leech and a fish, with suckers protruding out of their fleshy underside. Fortunately, there was enough aid present to destroy the oozing creatures, but Iggrid and Gundelbar were wounded as the creatures seemed to attack in a frenzy when one combatant slain one their own. After the battle was over, Izan came from his underneath, returning from helping evacuate the servants aboard the ship. Seemed a tad odd.

Nothing much happened for days afterwards, but after about 14 days out to sea, Adouri noticed something odd while checking the inventory: there were no scents in the back of the hold. His sense of smell did not work at all. After much searching, he found a strange artifact that looked like two gold plates pressed together like a Frisbee. It was encrusted with jewels. He informed the rest of the part who also discovered that there were no scents when Adouri arrived with his trinket. While they were chatting, crewmembers were running into the deck from inside the hull, swearing loudly of a horrible scent. Gundelbar and Adouri went to investigate along with Adouri. There was a horrible smell in the hold, but they could see nothing of interest in the hold. When Gundelbar opened one of the crates, however, he found that one of them was stuffed with dead bodies!

The door behind them slammed and they pondered their situation. Adouri examined the door while Gundelbar poked at the bodies with his sword. Suddenly, there was a commotion coming from the leaders sleeping quarters (that Cemar on the deck hear as well as Rhune is his quarters). Adouri opened the lock, and the two below along with Rhune rushed to the deck to find Izan crawling up a rope ladder to the observation tower in his undies and a crossbow slung to his back. A huge fog rolled in over the boat from across the sea, and a huge red blinding flash filled the entire sky; it was an evil light. Gundelbar began to crawl up after him, but with his armor he could not catch up and Izan reached the top while Gundelbar was halfway up. Servants ran out of the hold in a panic, one or two even jumping ship.

While up on the top, Izan launched a magic missile at Gundelbar, but the Knight was able to keep his hold. Gundelbar furiously tried to climb up the rope as Izan shot at him., cursing himself for not bringing a knife with him. Cemar shot at Izan from down below, and Adouri decided to follow up the rope ladder as well. Suddenly, zombies began to emerge from under the hull. Rhune starting untying ropes with an unseen servant. Unfortunately, with the weight of his armor and the chill of the fog, Gundelbar slipped and fell 50 feet and began to die. Cemar was able to heal him while turning zombies.

Out of six zombies to reach the air from the ship, Cemar had turned half of them. Cemar and Gundelbar had begun fighting off the zombies as Adouri creeped closer to the top with bolts whizzing by his head. Suddenly, while searching around, Adouri noticed a rope with pressure against it, and realized he could ride it to the top if he cut it. He did so, but was unable to grab hold of the observation tower and over shot it. Adouri found himself hanging from above as the fray continued down bellow. Rhune's creation untied a rope of his choosing and suddenly a giant mast fell and folded over onto the battle. Cemar crawled out and the mindless zombies tore and clawed their way from it. Adouri dropped into the tower from above knocking into Izan, but only glancing off his back and knocking him against the wall of the tower. Izan cast a spell, and Adouri struck him, but he was able to get it off. After a moment of struggle, Izan was finally able to grab a hold of Adouri with his cold, necromatic fingers. Weakened but only slightly wounded from the blast, Adouri was able to strike a fatal blow and send him falling to his death. The sorcerer masquerading as a paladin was killed.

Meanwhile, Gundelbar and Cemar were taking advantage of their opportunity to get at the zombies, but they finally had broken loose. Adouri attacked from above as the battle below waged on. It was won, but both Rhune and the weakened Gundelbar were incapacitated. In a rage, Cemar crushed the side of one zombie, and knocked the head off the one standing last.

After the wounded were attended too, the party rushed downstairs and examined the damages. There were zombies attacking and munching on servants, but some servants where able to escape to some rooms where zombies where pounding on the door. With the help of the rallied servants, the last zombies were vanquished easily.

Izan murdered Gaelun and Iggrid in their sleep and studies respectively, apparently.

Land was seen ahead only a few hours later after the sails were rigged again and the fog had lifted, but the other ships they had been following were nowhere in sight. The reached the land of Gosseg, but alone. They did have the supplies to survive, however, and it was possible for them to make it for a while with themselves and 9 of the remaining servants.