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  • Gundelbar Ferindor, Paladin

  • Adouri D'Lour, Rogue

  • Cemar Gyn, Cleric

  • Qalare, Sorceror

  • Colin Smith, Sorceror

  • Nuumirlie Amavathal, Ranger

(6642) Narrator: The island of Quidann is a green, cool island erected by a volcano countless years ago. On a flat rim of land to the east of the island lies the capital city Quidannis, the cultural hub for the entire nation. You are in the head temple for the god Bradmorr-Aldrast, the immortal warrior/judge. Surrounded by guards who are faceless in their helms, you are kneeling before Waric Wingaard, the Bannwic of Bradmorr, the head religious leader of the nation and for all intents king of Quidann.
(6735) Morfedel: I dont know about you, byt my open RPG is very unstable.
(6642) Narrator: He blesses you all individually, and you feel the fingers of his spirit pry into your soul. After a period of time he deems you all worthy and blesses you individually. The holy warriors (paladins, clerics) all receive a special blessing of protection, setting the pecking order immediately. After this calm, religious experience you are suddenly pushed and prodded outside to the dock, which is close now to all but recruits like you. Guards check off a list, find your assignment, and push you into the ship Loudemma ("Beautiful Traveller")
(6642) DM drex: *closed now. Whoops
(6642) Narrator: Despite its name, you are assigned to a mere colony ship with supplies and materials, not a war transport at all. With the exception of the captain and his two paladin guards, you are among the only trained soldiers in the crew (the PCs being the only trained soldiers).
(6642) Narrator: The captain Gaelun goes through the rules, explaining to you and the other soldiers about proper behavior, to avoid fights, and to trust his leadership and the two under him. He is an older man in his late 30s, with graying blond hair that he lets fall on his plate mail. You wonder how is armor doesn't get caught in his hair. Like most paladins, he holds himself well and has an air of courage surrounding him.
(6642) Narrator: Hello, WorldHis aides are a cleric named Iggrid, an unattractive women with eyes a bit too cross-eyed, and another paladin by the name of Izan. They both attempt to seem superior and unimpressed.
(6642) Narrator: You are now then given permission to get your bunks ready and ask any questions you might have.
(6735) Morfedel: what is a wizard's staring spells, again? I cant recall.
(6735) Morfedel: and i cant find it on my online resources
whispering to Morfedel, Number of spells, or the spells themselves?
(6735) Morfedel (whispering): number of spells; I recall it is some number plus a bonus for your int mod, but I cant recall the specifics
whispering to Morfedel, 3 0 level, 1 first....\
(6739) Morfedel (enter): 19:06
(6739) Morfedel: ARGH!!!!!!
(6739) Morfedel (whispering): ok repeat please, hehe
(6735) Morfedel (exit): 19:07
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Wiz 0 lvl: Resistance, Ray of Frost, Detect Poison, Daze, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ghost Sound, disrupt undead, mage hand mending, open/close, arcane mark, detect magic, prestidigitaion, readmagic
(6739) Morfedel: no no, not the spell LIST!
whispering to Morfedel, 3 0-level, 1 1st, oe more 1st due to bonus
(6739) Morfedel: the NUMBER of spells I get in my spell book at first level
(6681) Gundelbar: ((i take it we are starting now? or more narrative first?))
(6617) Cemar Gyp: oh..
(6739) Morfedel: I know i get all 0-level, but how many first?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: sorry, looking
(6739) Morfedel (whispering): not that either; I mean the # in my spell book, not how many I can cast in a day, hehe
(6739) Morfedel: hehe cemar, thanks
(6617) Cemar Gyp: 3 lvl 0, 1 lvl 1 + any bonuses
(6742) Tarl (enter): 19:09
(6742) Tarl (exit): 19:09
(6739) Morfedel: again, no; not the spells per day, the spells in the spell BOOK; ?they get alkl level 0 spells, but how many level 1s in their book?
(6739) Morfedel: hehe
(6742) Tarl (enter): 19:10
(6617) Cemar Gyp: d'oh.. sorry again. will try to see
(6739) Morfedel: hehe
(6739) Morfedel: thats ok
whispering to Morfedel, all 0, 3+int bonus 1st level spells
(6739) Morfedel (whispering): thanks hehe
(6739) Morfedel: ok cemar, I got it now
(6617) Cemar Gyp: 3 1st lvl + int bonus
(6617) Cemar Gyp: heh, k
(6642) DM drex: Alright, does everyone understand where the adventure's starting?
(6681) Gundelbar: yes...
(6642) DM drex: Well, we got that double-checked for ya morf
(6617) Cemar Gyp: on the boat, still at dock?
(6642) DM drex: You are on the boat, still at the dock, given permission to speak or go to bed.
(6739) Morfedel: you guys go ahead; I have an idea to run past the DM; in the meantime, you should prob describe and intro yourselves
(6739) Morfedel (whispering): since i'm a dwarf wizard, can I meet the characters elsewhere, say, after their journey?
(6642) DM drex: Since travel can be boring, I wil fast foward a lot of it, but give you a chance to do something if you want.
whispering to Morfedel, You would miss all the adventure. Sorry, you have to be on the boat
(6739) Morfedel (whispering): drat. ok. I wanted to have a mysterious appearahce; my character is mysterious, prideful, and, er, mysterious, agian, much like gandalf or merlin. His motices are his own, and he would not have knelt at the commands of a priest; Do not meddle with the affairs of wizards, etc etc. In other words, an ally, but not a servant.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: My name is Cemar Gyp, I am a Cleric of Bradmorr-Aldrast here to offer my services for the good of Quidann.
** (6681) Gundelbar looks about at his fellow patrons. He is a tall man, at about 6'2", his head shaved and tattoo'd with what appears to be a tribal pattern. His traveling clothes are fine, and his chainmail is highly polished. The shield rests comfortably on his left arm, his long blade sheathed on his back next to his pack. His cold black eyes evaluate the group, a smile across his lips, "Greetings fellow travelers, I am Gundelbar Ferindor. I have brought my blade to sink it into the skulls of evil." **
(6739) Morfedel: I'm still finishing my character; I will do a quickie though while I finish writing him up; he is a Dwarf Wizard. The DM has said that dwarfs are rare in the region you come from, and wizards also rare, making my character, Rhune, a Dwarf Wizard, very rare indeed.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((hastily works on a better description, been a while since I've played ;) ))
** (6685) Adouri D' Lour is a small wiry man 5'7", short black hair green eyes. He wears leather breeches, sturdy boots, leather vest, white shirt, a wide brimmed hat, a hooded cloak, and is wear a suit of leather armor. He also has a twinkle in his eye that gives the impression that he knows something. **
(6739) Morfedel: He is mysterious, subtle; his motives are his own, his thoughts in the shadows.....
(6642) Gaelun: Well met the both of you. I am Gaelun, and for the journy and possibly beyond I will be your commander and spiritual leader.
(6739) Morfedel: In other words, think of Gandalf or Merlin in attitude, although at 1st level he is also young, of course, hehe
(6642) Gaelun: ((it's fine))
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: Greetings I am Adouri D' Lour
(6642) Gaelun: Gundelbar... you are a holy man, a holy knight, correct?
(6642) Gaelun: Well met, Adouri.
** (6681) Gundelbar looks to Gaelun and nods slowly, "So what is our mission upon arriving at the island? At least our plans for when we arrive?" **
(6704) Blackjack: Blackjack is the average height for a human but that seems to be where the similarities end. He is quite bulky for his size with most of the weight added in tight knots of muscle. Pale piercing eyes peer out from under a thick brow, and a dull gleam comes from his bald head. Across the right side of his skull from his ear to the top of his head and from eyebrow to the base of his skull is a large spider web tattoo. Under is left eye is what appears to be a small tattoo of a tear drop. His throat bears the marks of a very deep cut heavily scared over although the tissue still shows the scar clearly. Much of his arms and hands have various scars as well, all the results of long hours of fighting and sparring in training. Across his back a number of scars obviously the result of some sort of punishments still remain although they are also covered by a variety of tattoos. A large eight pointed arrow symbol in red dominates his right upper arm while a deep black rose winds around his same forearm. His left upper arm holds the symbol of a panther's paw with bloody claw marks and the left forearm his almost totally entwined with a green snake of some sort.
(6642) Gaelun: We are to supply the arriving boats with supplies to build their colony town. We have 15 men on board to serve in that fashion.
(6642) Gaelun: We will meet the other ships there.
(6642) Gaelun: Following each other.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Well met fellow travellers
(6642) Gaelun: Noone alive has seen the foul shores of Gosseg, so we will need to stick together, the others and I
(6681) Gundelbar: yes, my father had just recently retired from the chruch. I was more for sword play then scripture.
** (6704) Blackjack simply nods to the others **
(6642) Gaelun: Consider you and these other soldiers your new best friends. You will see a lot fo each other, and will help me lead over the ship
(6642) Gaelun: Gundelbar, as an heir to the holy knighthood, you will help me lead directly and take chargeif anything should befall me and Izan
(6742) Tarl: Tarl is creating room 'Tarl's Room of 3e.'
(6742) Tarl (exit): 19:21
** (6681) Gundelbar looks over towards the man bearing more ink then skin with a raised eyebrow, returns the nod and turns back to listen to Gaelun **
(6739) Morfedel (exit): 19:22
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, could you resned me your character please? Sorry :(
** (6681) Gundelbar looks to him and nods slowly, "As you wish." **
(6642) Gaelun: Adouri, you will keep charge of the supplies.
(6757) Morfedel (enter): 19:23
(6642) Gaelun: Blackjack, you will makes sure the servants keep the ship clean.
(6685) Adouri D' Lour has sent you a tree node...
(6642) Gaelun: It says on the roll there is a cleric amung you?
(6685) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): get it?
(6757) Morfedel: @#@%$#%&*&*(&*(&*
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, yes. I got a prob when I but it in a folder?
** (6685) Adouri D' Lour nods **
** (6704) Blackjack nods to Gaelun **
(6617) Cemar Gyp: I am the Cleric, at your service Gaelun
(6642) Gaelun: Great, you will also help keep us in god health, that will be your charge.
(6757) Morfedel (exit): 19:26
(6642) Gaelun: Morfedel, you will just help the servents get along and keep working. Police a little if you have to...
(6642) Gaelun: ((is he going to be able to play? :p))
(6642) Gaelun: Alright, are there any more questions?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: I will perform to the best of my abilities for Bradmorr-Aldrast and our crew.
** (6617) Cemar Gyp bows to Gaelun **
(6642) Gaelun: I trust you will.
** (6642) Gaelun bows back a bit. **
(6681) Gundelbar: I have none.
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: Yes one question since I am to keep charge of supplies, is there a list of sorts?
(6642) Gaelun: No? Then so be it. get your beds ready and you will be instructed further on your seperate duties later ((not in game fortunately :p))
(6767) Morfedel (enter): 19:28
(6642) Gaelun: Yes, it will be given to you, a schedule.
(6767) Morfedel: oh dear god in heaven
(6767) Morfedel: @#@$#%*&*(*&(&*(
(6642) DM drex: >Allright, I need Black and gundel to make a spot check
(6617) Cemar Gyp: As you wish Gaelun.
** (6617) Cemar Gyp ((attempts to comfort Morfedel)) **
(6617) Cemar Gyp (whispering): did you get my html export ok?
(6681) Gundelbar (whispering): whats a spot check :P
whispering to Gundelbar, a skill role involving your spot skill or your wisdom roll if you don't have that skill
whispering to Cemar Gyp, yes
(6642) DM drex: Blackjack, could you whisper it to me or something?
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+3] -> [8,3] = (11)
(6762) Arawyn (enter): 19:32
(6704) Blackjack: sorry slow for a second
whispering to Blackjack, Just roll ya die 20 plus your wisdom bonus if you don't have spot skill
(6642) DM drex: It's allright
(6755) Lightfaith (enter): 19:33
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((may I inquire the time of day and setting sail time? only when you have a moment ))
(6704) Blackjack (whispering): Spot 5
(6704) Blackjack: [1d20] -> [11] = (11)
(6767) Morfedel: thanks cemar, hehe
whispering to Blackjack, You notice that Izan is a little uncomfortable in his plate mail, that's all.
(6762) Arawyn (exit): 19:34
(6767) Morfedel: hey what is the gold roll for wizards?
(6642) DM drex: ((It's the second day in the month of Brammon, and you set sail tomorrow morning.))
(6642) DM drex: ((3d4x109
(6755) Lightfaith (exit): 19:35
(6642) DM drex: Alright, unless anyone wants to do anything, I will assume you are all going to rest.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((gold roll?))
(6642) DM drex: (times 10, sorry
(6642) DM drex: ((for starting gold
(6681) Gundelbar: ((how much gold he gets... ))
(6767) Morfedel: 3d4 x 10 for wizards, gotcha
(6642) Narrator: You sleep through the night alright and you set sail the next day, the waters are clear and calm, and you start the next day ay without much happening.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((3d4x10))
(6767) Morfedel (whispering): [3d4] -> [4,2,2] = (8)
** (6617) Cemar Gyp attends to general prayer and blessing of the crew and ship before retiring **
** (6681) Gundelbar retires to his bunk for sleep **
(6642) Narrator: You get your tasks explained to you and you begin your jobs, and everything seems to be normal and rather dull actually for the next few days.
(6642) Narrator: Soon a slight flu epedemic ravages all of you, except Gundelbar
(6642) Narrator: And Cemar is given charge over the whole mild ordeal.
whispering to Cemar Gyp, Make and intelligence roll and send it to me
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, Give me a wisdom check, Adouri
(6617) Cemar Gyp (whispering): how do i make it and send it w/o everyone seeing?
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: Wis check: [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(6767) Morfedel: (ok, I'm finally done; DM, do you need my character now?)
whispering to Cemar Gyp, You can type it manually, but if you don't want to, just let everyone see.
(6642) Narrator: (Sure
(6767) Morfedel (whispering): hey, btw, did you get my personality description I sent to you; and did you agree it was acceptable?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Abilities: INT [1d20+3] -> [8,3] = (11)
(6617) Cemar Gyp (whispering): int check 11
(6642) DM drex: Allright some misunderstanding, one more int check from GUndelbar
(6617) Cemar Gyp (whispering): test INT [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(6617) Cemar Gyp (whispering): ah, ok thanks :)
whispering to Cemar Gyp, You don't notice anything unusaual
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar?
(6767) Rhune has sent you a tree node...
(6774) Tarl (enter): 19:45
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+1] -> [13,1] = (14)
(6767) Rhune: (ok, i'm ready now; should I go ahead and give you my desc, or should I hold off?)
(6642) DM drex: ((As long as it;s not several paragraphs.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((yes?... that was the int check....))
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((afk a quick sec for refill))
(6767) Rhune: all right?
whispering to Gundelbar, Sorry, you notice that Izan has caught the flu along with many of the other crew.
whispering to Gundelbar, Izan was the paladin aid to Gaelun
(6681) Gundelbar (whispering): does my detect evil reveal anyone?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((back))
whispering to Gundelbar, No, it doesn't. But Izans glow isn't as bright as it could be, your senses react oddly toward him
(6681) Gundelbar (whispering): intend to approach and talk to Izan, want me just do it in channel or in whisper?
(6642) Narrator: Do it in channel, baciuase it will get vboring.
(6767) Rhune: Rhune is a Dwarf, a rare sight from the lands you come from already. However, he is not the typical, gruff sort, regardless of his fine, dark beard and his deep brown eyes. He wears no armor, and carries no weapons but a knife at his belt and a stout staff in his hands. He wears robes whose hems and sleeve hems are rhimmed with arcane symbols.
** (6681) Gundelbar approaches Izan one of the days of travel, around mid-day, "Greetings Izan, terrible about the flu don't you think/ **
** (6642) Izan glares at Gunelbar **
(6767) Rhune: In attitude, he is quiet, contemplative. He does not partake in idle chit chat; he thinks carefully, speaks seldom, but when he does, his words have the weight of mountains.
(6774) Tarl (exit): 19:51
(6642) Izan: Yes, it is pretty bad. But I will manage, soldier
** (6642) Izan tries to supress a cough, but doesn't hold it quite. **
(6767) Rhune: He is a Wizard; whose way is subtle and not for the ears and minds of the common masses.
** (6685) Adouri D' Lour does one of his frequent runs to the side of the ship and heaves until his guts can heave no more. **
** (6681) Gundelbar looks a little harder at the man, "Are you alright? Something slip down the wrong pipe?" **
(6767) Rhune: (and now, I am ready; does someone have a quick recap on what i've missed because of all of my getting booted?)
(6681) Gundelbar: (( we are on the boat sailing... Gaelun is the leader of the expedition with his 2 henchmen paladins, Izan and some chick, we are currently on our way to the continent))
(6642) Izan: Look, friend, I fear for this crew because of this. As I told Gaelun, it must be an unnatural disease.
(6642) Izan: ((Some chick is a cleric, but that's cool :))
(6704) Blackjack: Disconnecting from server...
(6704) Blackjack: Disconnecting from server...
(6704) Blackjack (exit): 19:54
** (6617) Cemar Gyp hears the commotion and heads over to tend Adouri. **
(6767) Rhune: (and who was whom again? gaelun is a manling paladin, right?)
** (6681) Gundelbar leans on the railing a little, turning towards the open sea, "Or perhaps a curse, I've never felt the rotting touch of anything be it from nature or a curse from above." **
(6681) Gundelbar: ((yes, same with izan))
(6642) Izan: (Izan a paladin henchman, Iggrid the cleric henchman))
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((human male cleric))
(6767) Rhune: (oh, two manling clerics? and the rest of you?)
(6642) Izan: Yes, I have never been sick in my life.
(6767) Rhune (whispering): are you familiar with the npc tools? they can allow you to send messages under various names without having to change your own
(6642) Izan: Thanks for your concern, um... er... Gandlebur
** (6681) Gundelbar nods, "Very odd that such a thing would occur for you. Very odd, indeed." With that he turns and walks back to his duties(male human paladin here) **
whispering to Rhune, Nope must not me, but I already made macros. :p
(6785) Merlix (enter): 19:57
** (6767) Rhune emerges from the shadows, having exited the bowls of the vessel. He approaches the railing of the ship with great care, and stares out across the sea. **
(6785) Merlix (exit): 19:57
(6767) Rhune (whispering): under templates/tools check out the Alias Library tool. ITs tre cool
(6642) DM drex: Alright. That even passes by as do a few days. One day, on the seventh, while you are in the bowls of the ship.
(6642) DM drex: Suddenly, (during the night, you hear a horn blow. You recognize it as a call to arms, althoughh you didn't think you'd hear it before you reached land.
** (6681) Gundelbar grumbles and rolls out of his bunk and starts to slip on his armor and weaponry **
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: ((Who was on watch?))
(6767) Rhune: Hm. Brigands or Privateers are the most likely foes.
(6642) DM drex: ((A servent whose name you don't remember))
** (6767) Rhune makes his way to the ship's deck to see what transpires. **
(6681) Gundelbar: yes yes, ready yourself, why do they have to attack during the night...
** (6617) Cemar Gyp awakens and secures his armor and weapons **
** (6681) Gundelbar fits the rest of his armor on, drawing out his bastard sword and fetching his shield before moving topside to see what the call is all about **
** (6685) Adouri D' Lour starts out of his bunk and slips on his armor and grabs his sword and crossbow. **
(6642) DM drex: A servant runs through the soldiers quarters, yellls something about being needed on the decks, and runs out hitting a beam with his head on the way and about falls unconscious
(6767) Rhune: (just out of curiou, out of our "party", is there anyone aside from me who isnt a human?
(6642) DM drex: Adouri peeps out...
(6778) Olwain Alkarodel (enter): 20:02
** (6617) Cemar Gyp quickly tends to the servant to make sure he isn't seriously hurt, and then heads topside **
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You see The cleric anf Gaelun fighting some foes you can't realy make out. But thery aren't human and aren;t anythig you've seen before. You are sticking your head out
(6778) Olwain Alkarodel (exit): 20:03
(6642) DM drex: Who's coming up?
(6767) Rhune (whispering): btw, what of my skills is History; so I can pull off the old gandalf trick of knowing long-forgotten things of ancient powers and forgotten lore.
(6767) Rhune (whispering): hehe
(6642) DM drex: ((lag :O))
** (6767) Rhune already has **
** (6681) Gundelbar is following rhune **
(6642) DM drex: Alright..
(6642) Narrator: You run up to see 5 large creatures that seem the slimy mix between a leech and a fish. This aquatic creature probably climbed up the hull with suckers you see protruding out of it's fleshy bottom. They obviously have razor sharp teeth protruding out of their mouth, and they obviously want to eat stuff with it. You don't know how they see, because they seems to have no eyes. They are obviously on the attack. Oddly enough, they are in the middle of the sea. How the survive out here is a mystery to you.
(6685) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): I slip up onto the deck and silently approach the battle to aid my commrades.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((I follow Gundelbar after making sure the servant isn't bleeding to death from a head gash or anything))
(6787) Heimdall (enter): 20:04
(6787) Heimdall (exit): 20:05
(6787) Heimdall (enter): 20:05
** (6767) Rhune looks behind him briefly at Gundelbar, and contnues onward. **
(6787) Heimdall (exit): 20:05
(6642) DM drex: ((shiit!
(6642) DM drex: Shoot I mean (really :p
(6681) Gundelbar: I didn't order any fish.... I guess that will be breakfast tomorrow
(6642) DM drex: Ok, tried to do some of that lright handed :p
(6642) DM drex: Allright. Roll initiative everyone
** (6617) Cemar Gyp prepares his protection ward for Gundelbar then readys his crossbow **
(6767) Rhune: Most likely from the fact that they are a fish like thing, I'd bet thats how they survive in the middle of the sea.
(6767) Rhune: ooc: :)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20-1] -> [6,-1] = (5)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+2] -> [13,2] = (15)
(6681) Gundelbar: Initiative: [1d20+1] -> [12,1] = (13)
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(6642) DM drex: Cemar and rhune now
(6767) Rhune: [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Initiative: [1d20+0] -> [6,0] = (6)
(6767) Rhune: woo hoo
(6767) Rhune: :)
(6642) DM drex: Adouri, go
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((speed demon :) ))
(6642) DM drex: ((yup 8-O
(6767) Rhune: everyone else rolled?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((oh, lowest goes first?))
(6642) DM drex: Yup, jsut waiting for Adouri's action
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((forgot about that, sorry ;) ))
(6792) Lightfaith (enter): 20:13
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: ((ok I cant make out the white board very well))
(6767) Rhune: ok then, that means me first then, eh?
(6642) DM drex: Sorry, it was badly done, and I didn't explain
(6767) Rhune: very well:
(6617) Cemar Gyp: (( don't mind me, I'm just an idiot.. screen lags back and forth a bit..
(6732) Kaoru (enter): 20:13
(6642) DM drex: You are the circles, the leader and cleric oare x's, and the numbers are fish.
(6732) Kaoru (exit): 20:13
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: ((can you explain to me whats on the white board))
(6681) Gundelbar: ((no it's highest first Rhune. Adouri's turn to go. the circles with letters next to them are us, the 1, 2, 3,4, 5 are the fishes. Not sure what the X's are))
(6767) Rhune: How close are the creatures to each other?
(6767) Rhune: is each square 5 feet?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((that's my excuse anyways
(6642) DM drex: Alright, the four of you are in the back, with you in the fron since you went out first, the two leaders are hahead of you all, and there is one fish...
Server Administrator-> This server is currently experiencing a large volume of traffic. You mayb be experiencing major lag. I suggest using a different server until the lag subsides.
** (6685) Adouri D' Lour Aims and shoots his crossbow at number 4 **
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [2,0] = (2)
(6642) DM drex: south of everyone, and four "east of everyone."
(6792) Lightfaith (exit): 20:15
(6642) DM drex: Allright, you bolt falls into the flesh of one fish-like things, with an aweful squish
(6767) Rhune: (what is the dimensions? each square is 5 feet?)
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: ((would this consititue a sneak attack as well?))
(6642) DM drex: Um. iIt's just general. It's a gcrowded ship. You are about 5 feet apart from everyone. The leaders are about 15 feet ahead with the fish another 5 feet ahead (one 10)
(6642) DM drex: (Not at this time)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(6767) Rhune: (all right, let me know when its my turn)
(6642) DM drex: Gealun strikes one and cuts it badly, but it's still squirming.
(6642) DM drex: The cleric bashes her mace against the blanks of the floor, rattlling them a bit.
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar, it's your go.
** (6681) Gundelbar screams out loud as he charges forward at #4 with a sideways slice **
(6642) DM drex: *planks
(6681) Gundelbar: Attacks: [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11) Damage: [1d10+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar attempt to slash at the fish-creature... but doesn't piecre it and his sword lides down it's side.
(6799) Blade Daywalker (enter): 20:21
(6642) DM drex: ((I saw someone use the whiteboard like this, but it's not working for me :O))
(6799) Blade Daywalker: hello
(6642) DM drex: Next up... Cemar
(6642) DM drex: ((hi))
(6799) Blade Daywalker: what edition is this room?
(6681) Gundelbar: ((it works for me... gives me a general understanding of where things are. 3rd ed Blade))
(6799) Blade Daywalker: (ok thanks)
(6799) Blade Daywalker (exit): 20:23
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: ((Once you explained the white board it makes sense now))
(6681) Gundelbar: ((get uem Cemar... poke poke))
(6642) DM drex: ((BRB, go ahead cemar, I'll be a second.))
(6767) Rhune (whispering): do these creatures appear to be using any tools; such as wearing clothes or anything? or more like animals?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Crossbow, Light Attack Roll: [1d20+0] -> [16,0] = (16) Damage [1d8] -> [2] = (2)
(6642) DM drex: ((back))
whispering to Rhune, Animal, definately. You can make a histroy check if you want
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Attacks:
(6642) DM drex: Alright Cemar, who were you attacking.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: oops..
(6617) Cemar Gyp: did the crossbow bit on the weakest looking one, probly 4
(6767) Rhune (whispering): [1d20+7] -> [8,7] = (15)
(6642) DM drex: Alright, despite the fact it's in meelee, it sinks into the fllesh of the fish-creature, obviously causing it to hiss a bit more in pain.
(6642) DM drex: The fishies now
** (6681) Gundelbar ducks as the bolt wises by, grumbling to the back, "I don't wish to lose an ear here." **
(6642) DM drex: Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19)===> DMG: [1d4+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: ((Had to use dagger, :p))
(6642) DM drex: Creature number 4 lunges toward Adouri, and gnaws at his ankle for 6 damage... while Gaelun strikes at it's back
(6642) DM drex: 4 is obivously wounded.
(6642) DM drex: Sorry, sorry, dammit. Gundelbar got struck
(6767) Rhune (whispering): so how did my roll do?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((as is adouri.. ow))
(6642) DM drex: (And did't provoke an attack of opportunity))
** (6681) Gundelbar cries out in pain as the attack drives into his side **
whispering to Rhune, You recognize strories about creatures in the deep sea from long ago (your people aren't usually the sea faring type) but don't recognize the creature
(6642) DM drex: Up ahead the cleric is wounded, and Gaelun un harmed, and the fifth creature starts to run to the side.
(6767) Rhune (whispering): gotcha; I'm ready whenever its my turn; which is, of course, dead last, hehe
(6642) DM drex: Rhuine go
(6767) Rhune: Does run have a line of sight to one of the creatures without someone else being in the way?
(6642) DM drex: 4 and 5 do (well 5 with 4 in the way)
(6767) Rhune: ok then; 4 is already injured, correct?
(6808) Raven (enter): 20:34
(6767) Rhune: hey raven
(6767) Rhune: (dm?)
(6642) DM drex: 4 in injured, 5 just ran around behind 4
(6681) Gundelbar: ((yes he's injured... he said that earlier))
(6767) Rhune: (ok thanks)
(6767) Rhune: "Vile things, return to the depths of the seas from wence you came!"
(6642) DM drex: Gundlebar in next to 4, but not in the way per se
** (6767) Rhune weaves his hands together, chanting ancient words of power, and a beam of frost lances out from his hands...... **
(6767) Rhune: Ray of frost, ranged touch attack, [1d20+1] -> [8,1] = (9)
(6767) Rhune: ugh
(6767) Rhune: oh that was at #4, but a 9 probably misses even then
whispering to Rhune, Ranged touch attack still go through armor and natural armor, right?
(6767) Rhune (whispering): it ignores all armor of a deflective nature, such as Armor and Nat, but not things like Dex and dodge bonuses
(6642) DM drex: Well, these leech vreatures are rather slow, and the attack still lands.
(6642) DM drex: Roll for damage.
(6767) Rhune: excellent
(6767) Rhune: [1d3] -> [1] = (1)
(6767) Rhune: heh, not much damage, but it was only a level 0 spell
(6767) Rhune: ;)
(6808) Raven (whispering): can people still getin the game
(6642) DM drex: Alright Adouri again
** (6685) Adouri D' Lour fires another bolt at number 4 **
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [1,0] = (1)
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, It's been going on too long, we started late. I don't think so.
(6767) Rhune: ooc: egads, we rock, guys, hehe
(6642) DM drex: The bolt strikes true, but without much force
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: Damned beast fall already!
(6642) DM drex: The cleric manages to wack one (1), but the great paladin leader manages to miss completely.
(6808) Raven (exit): 20:41
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar your go
** (6681) Gundelbar draws his blade back and swings across his body at the slimy thing **
(6681) Gundelbar: Attacks: [1d20+5] -> [3,5] = (8) Damage: [1d10+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar only manages to make his blade sticky, but he show much bravado in the attempt.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((do I have a clear shot, if not can I move down enough to be clear of Rhune and Gund?))
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((for #4))
(6642) DM drex: You could sidestep as a partial, if I'm not mistaken.
(6642) DM drex: It's pretty close to clear,I"ll give it to you.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ok, fire again -
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Crossbow, Light Attack Roll: [1d20+0] -> [20,0] = (20) Damage [1d8] -> [2] = (2) #4
(6642) DM drex: Roll for crit
(6642) DM drex: (attack roll again I think it's x2 for crossbows
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((another d20?))
(6642) DM drex: (yES)
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Crossbow, Light Attack Roll: [1d20+0] -> [19,0] = (19) Damage [1d8] -> [8] = (8) #4
(6642) DM drex: ((I'll vgive that you you as 10 oints of damage
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((woot! ))
(6642) DM drex: The cross bow bolt fires as one creature opens its maw to attack. It flies into him and sticks out half-way through the other end. The creature is down and lifeless.
** (6617) Cemar Gyp strikes at the fould beast in the name of Bradmorr-Aldrast! **
** (6617) Cemar Gyp *foul **
(6642) DM drex: The creatures appear somewhat sentient, because it seems that one (5) risks all to charge the cleric. (very social and protective maybe)
(6813) Heimdall (enter): 20:48
(6813) Heimdall (exit): 20:48
(6642) DM drex: Attack of opportunity for gundelbar and commander. Do adouri and Rhune have anything they could attack with right this momet?
** (6681) Gundelbar cuts at the charging fish **
(6681) Gundelbar: Attacks: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6) Damage: [1d10+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(6642) DM drex: ((bad luck tonight, I'm with ya Gundelbar)
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: ((All I have is my light crossbow out, I have a rapier sheathed at my hip))
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(6642) DM drex: Gaelun hits it with his sword, slicing it open badly.
(6642) DM drex: Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [18,5] = (23)===> DMG: [1d4+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: I think that hits, Cemar
(6642) DM drex: Alright
(6617) Cemar Gyp: would seem that way.. ow ;)
(6642) DM drex: 1 and two hit the cleric, and shes hurt pretty bad. 3 misses the paladin.
(6642) DM drex: Go Rhune, remember the creature is next to you
(6816) Tae Mordif (enter): 20:53
(6767) Rhune: yes, I was afraid of that.
** (6767) Rhune frowns and takes a 5 foot step backwards. Then, he casts Sleep behind the mass of the fish creatures, in order to catch them all in the radius of effect. **
(6767) Rhune: effects 2d4 hit dice: [2d4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(6767) Rhune: 5 hit dice; I cant remember if its a will save or a fort save though
(6642) DM drex: Alright I will find out.
(6642) DM drex: What's the DC when you cast a spell at your level?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: will
whispering to DM drex, [1d20-1] -> [8,-1] = (7)
(6617) Cemar Gyp: negates
whispering to DM drex, [1d20-1] -> [17,-1] = (16)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20-1] -> [20,-1] = (19)
(6642) DM drex: Well, one is down at least.
(6767) Rhune: ah: the DC is: 10 + 1 + 3, or 14
(6642) DM drex: (1) ironically
(6642) DM drex: Two of them in the back are still alive.
(6642) DM drex: Awke I mena
(6642) DM drex: Alright, your Adouri
(6642) DM drex: ((They rolled pretty good, they roll negative for will))
** (6685) Adouri D' Lour drops his crossbow with a curse, draws his rapier and strikes at number 5 **
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: Rapier Attack Roll: [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8)===> DMG: [1d6+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(6816) Tae Mordif (exit): 20:58
(6685) Adouri D' Lour: ((Am I flanking the creature?))
(6642) DM drex: Yes you are (but they still have an ac of 13 with nat armor :( )
(6642) DM drex: ((i without :p))
(6642) DM drex: 9
(6642) DM drex: Guelan strikes at 3 and hits it, getting it good.
(6642) DM drex: The cleric runs back toward Cemar proviking an attack...
(6642) DM drex: Which misses
(6642) DM drex: She heas Ceran for [1d8+2] -> [8,2] = (10) hit points
(6642) DM drex: Your go Gunedelbar
** (6681) Gundelbar turns and attacks the fish that assaulted Cemar, slashing at it from behind **
(6681) Gundelbar: Attacks: [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19) Damage: [1d10+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: You are flanking it then
(6642) DM drex: What weapon do you have?
(6681) Gundelbar: bastard sword
(6642) DM drex: Roll for crit
(6681) Gundelbar: Attacks: [1d20+5] -> [13,5] = (18) Damage: [1d10+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: You cut the thing straight down the center, and after a few moments it stops squirming under your blade.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar go
** (6617) Cemar Gyp is thankful for the quick healing, and takes aim at the next beast! ((so what is left/awake?)) **
(6685) Adouri D' Lour (exit): 21:04
(6681) Gundelbar: ((1 is sleeping, 2 and 3 are fighting just Gaelun now))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (enter): 21:05
(6642) DM drex: the rest are in mellee (2 and 3), you can try for them (2 in injured
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((can I sidestep enough to get a clear at 2?))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((sorry guys I lost internet connection for a sedond))
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((wb adouri))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((what happened while I was disconnected?))
(6642) DM drex: You will get a negative to your attack anytime you attack someone in meelee
(6642) DM drex: ((You weren't gone long, Cemar is deciding twho to attack))
(6681) Gundelbar: ((nothing))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((so 5 is dead?))
(6642) DM drex: ((Yes))
** (6617) Cemar Gyp takes aim and fires! ((will try anyways, for clear at 2)) Crossbow, Light Attack Roll: [1d20+0] -> [17,0] = (17) Damage [1d8] -> [2] = (2) #2 **
(6681) Gundelbar: ((1 is sleeping, 2 and 3 are fighting just Gaelun now))
(6681) Gundelbar: (4 and 5 is dead)
(6642) DM drex: You strike the leech-creature. Who immediately flops a bit in pain.
(6642) DM drex: Fish-creatures...
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: Alright, Leech number two freaks out and rolls/flops/squirms to Adouri and is misses by Guelan. The creature tries to bite the rogue, but snaps the air between his legs.
(6642) DM drex: the other one misses the paladin Gaelun
(6642) DM drex: The party hears someone yelling downstairs, it seems to be Izan.
(6642) DM drex: You go Rhune
** (6767) Rhune frowns. "These foes do not fall easily." **
** (6767) Rhune will cast Daze on the opponent who threatens the most of the other PCs; save vs 14 will save to negate, or lose their next action **
whispering to DM drex, [1d20-1] -> [8,-1] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: The squirming desperate creature gurgles and hisses, but suddenly stops and just stays still, occasionally twitching.
(6642) DM drex: Adouri
(6642) DM drex: your go
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour stabs at creature number 2 with his rapier and a look of pure disgust. **
(6828) Pseudo Goth (enter): 21:16
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Rapier Attack Roll: [1d20+2] -> [12,2] = (14)===> DMG: [1d6+2] -> [6,2] = (8)
(6642) DM drex: It's head splits in two like a river fluke. Fortunately, it doesn't form another head like that creature.
whispering to DM drex, [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
whispering to DM drex, [1d8+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(6828) Alwyn (exit): 21:18
(6642) DM drex: The last leech-thing is struck by the paladin and sliced a bit. WHo wants the honor of finishing it off?
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar!
** (6681) Gundelbar turns and drives forward with hurricane force an overhead swing his choice for the funeral **
(6681) Gundelbar: Attacks: [1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16) Damage: [1d10+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
** (6681) Gundelbar apparently forgot to sharpen his bastard sword this morning **
(6642) DM drex: It falls limp and ozz spills out of it's rubbery shell.
(6642) DM drex: The sleeping creature is easily finished off
** (6617) Cemar Gyp rushes down to Izan when his turn arrives ((b-room , brb)) **
** (6681) Gundelbar grins and nods looking towards the sleeping creature, which is now fish food **
(6642) DM drex: Izan returns, meeting Cemar half way up. I evacuated the servants, sir Gaelun. Is the problem resolved up here?
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour picks up his crossbow off the deck and tries to retrieve his bolts with a grin of satisfaction **
** (6681) Gundelbar sheaths his bastard sword after wiping the goo off of it, a large grin across his chops, nodding slowly **
(6642) DM drex: You are alble to clean your weapons and bolts, but it does take a bit of elbow grease on your parts.
(6642) DM drex: Alright, We started and hour or so late, and we've been at it for two.
(6642) DM drex: I ewas hoping to finish tonight, but it's been a long time. DO you want to save it for another session, the ending and plot point?
(6767) Rhune: "These foes may be but the first signs of more.; the depths of the seas hold many things wondrous and terrible. Let us hope our passage henceforth goes unnoticed by the sea's darker tides.
** (6681) Gundelbar still has a few hours left, so unless everyone else wants to leave......)) **
** (6617) Cemar Gyp also retrieves bolts. **
(6642) DM drex: Well, we can finish if noone else objects.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((I'm game for at least another 2-3 hr if need be))
(6767) Rhune: "Our watches should be extra vigilant for the time being; I recall ancient stories of these creatures, but I an uncertain if they travel in larger groups, or if their presence here could indicate a larger school of them nearby."
(6767) Rhune: (my time is unpredictable; my wife is sick, so I'm taking care of her)
** (6617) Cemar Gyp spontaneously casts cures for Gundelbar and any other injured that needs it. **
(6767) Rhune: (hey, change our role to players, i hate lookng at my name in grey, hehe
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((I'm game, I have nothing important to do besides sleep in the next 30 hours or so))
(6834) Alwyn (enter): 21:26
(6642) DM drex: Alright. That's actually 500 experience poitns for all of you
(6617) Cemar Gyp: 3x Cure Light and 3x Cure Minor available
(6642) DM drex: They were worth 600 each, after all 8-O
(6617) Cemar Gyp: woo :)
(6642) DM drex: Alright. The servant clean up the mess, scrubbing the planks of any goo that was left by these servants. Everyone is now much more edgier, but nothing happens the rest of the day.
(6767) Rhune: 500 xp each? from one encounter?
(6767) Rhune: what hit dice where they?
(6767) Rhune: or rather, CR?
(6681) Gundelbar: ((don't complain Rhune, just play... worry about that stuff later))
(6767) Rhune: all right; sorry, I tend to be a rules lawyer, heh. It just seemed like a lot for one encounter. :)
whispering to Rhune, (They were CR 2, 600 exp (avg. party level 2) 100 each and 5 of them)
(6642) DM drex: It seemed like a lot to me too, I almost kept it down, and no I am tempted too. But ti would be cruel now.
(6642) DM drex: Several days pass by, and nothing but a few harsh passes of storm come your way, but the ship and those ahead of you are still intact.
(6767) Rhune (whispering): you do realize that a party pof creatures, you determine their combined CR, not individual CR? :) it keeps their total XR down.
(6834) Alwyn (exit): 21:30
(6642) DM drex: Adouri make another spot check.
(6767) Rhune: (who is the "captain" of the vessel? the one commanding and navigating the ship?)
whispering to Rhune, Gaelun, a paladin.
(6642) DM drex: Gaelun.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((Gaelun, he said that at the start))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [13,5] = (18)
(6642) DM drex: Alright.. one moment the rest of you guys...
(6767) Rhune: "Gaelun, tell me; how much longer before we reach shore?"
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You notice twhile underneath in the storage level in the hull, that while you are in the back it doesn't smell musty like the res tof the storage compartment at all.
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You don't even smell the sea back here. Why you haven;t noticed this before seems odd.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): I try to go toward the area with the lack of smell.
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You are in the general area now, walking inbetween crates, you have no idea what could be causing this. It is definately unnatural
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): I continue to search the area looking for the cause of the lack of smell.
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, roll search
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Search Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You see a gold object up in the rafters, it is like two gold plates pressed together to make a "ufo". It is encrusted with gold.
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, I mean gems. Encrusted with gems
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, I should have let everyone watch :p
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): I look around and grab at the gold object and inspect it closely
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You take it down and inspect it closly. It doesn't appear special, although worth a lot of money, obviously. It is made from great artistry for sure.
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, Otherwise, there is not buttons or latches or anything. It's soldid, unlike towo plates pressed together would be.
(6642) DM drex: Sorry guys... resolving this shortly
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): any hint that this is the cause of the wierdness?
(6617) Cemar Gyp: no worries
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You can't tell while you're down there. Unless you can think of one.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): Ok I put the object in a pocket of my cloak and go up onto the deck and gather the other soldiers.
(6642) DM drex: Alright.
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You smell nothing the entire time
(6642) DM drex: Everyone make a spot check as Adouri returns fomr below deck to your presence.
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, Sorry, I hsould have given you a chance to notice it before you got up.
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17) to spot Adouri
(6617) Cemar Gyp: [1d20] -> [1] = (1)
** (6617) Cemar Gyp is blinded by the sun or something.. **
(6642) DM drex: (Not really :p)
(6642) DM drex: You Rhune, unles you think you are usually alone (would fit your character)
(6767) Rhune: [1d20+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(6767) Rhune: I am
(6767) Rhune: I usually am alone, actually
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Hey guys gather round, I think I found something interesting in the hold.
(6642) DM drex: It's okay. Adouri returns to your presence and just begins chatting idly as he's always done.
** (6617) Cemar Gyp joins Adouri **
(6767) Rhune: (would I have heard this? I'm assuming not)
(6642) DM drex: (Oh, you were going up for some air, surew why not. :p)
** (6681) Gundelbar raises an eyebrow as he moves over to Adouri, "what is that?" **
(6681) Gundelbar (whispering): Nothing special off my 17 spot check?
whispering to Gundelbar, Nope Adouri was lucky
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour opens his cloak and takes a gold object that looks like two gold plates pressed together to make a "ufo". It is encrusted with jewels. **
(6767) Rhune: (nah, its ok; he would be in his room, alone, doing what all wizards do when no one is watching - and no wisecracks, hehe)
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: I found this down in the hold.
** (6681) Gundelbar looks it over, and turns towards Cemar, "Any ideas? I could never stay awake during more of the those old dusty relic classes." **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: I when I was near it the whole area around it seemed alien, the was a complete lack of smell.
(6642) DM drex: You all notcie none of you small a THING
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((ack there not the))
(6642) DM drex: No ocean, no food in the kitchen no bad BO
(6642) DM drex: (Not even if you check your armpits :p)
** (6617) Cemar Gyp examines the object Adouri is holding ((any int or wis checks?)) **
** (6681) Gundelbar sniffs s bit, "Very perculiar, I wonder if it was in place to hide a bad scent." **
(6642) DM drex: Um, do you have a knowledge skill that would work?
(6642) DM drex: I should checkfor you :p
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((nope, guess not ;) ))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Hmmm interesting idea Gundelbar, I can show the the area I found the object and we can do a more through search of that area.
(6642) DM drex: Suddnely, a servant run up to the deck shouting the world equivalent of "Mother ****ing s**t" and breaths the sea air deeply.
** (6681) Gundelbar turns to Cemar, "Perhaps you can take it to the loner, he may have insight on it. Adouri and I can go search the area. Just make sure Rhune isn't polishing his staff when you enter." **
(6642) DM drex: ((The paladin is quite offended :p (well he decides that))
** (6681) Gundelbar stops and turns towards the servant, a look of alarm as his eyes scan the area, calling out to the man, "What is your problem?" **
** (6617) Cemar Gyp agress that Rhune might have some insight, and takes the object, but wonders what the servant is on about before he heads to Rhune **
(6642) DM drex: It... stinks down there! It's the worst thing... all of a sudden... in the hold... must be magic work!
(6642) servent: It's smells like rotting meat!
(6681) Gundelbar: It may be a foul stench, but there is no need for such profanity.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour looks to Gundelbar "Shall we investigate?" **
(6642) servent: Ah!? Oh, sorry sir. I lost my head. *he shies to a place where he can be hidden, his face beat read for showing a holy warrior disrespect.*
whispering to Rhune, Something smells slightly fishy
** (6681) Gundelbar looks to Adouri, "I guess you left behind a bad stench. Yes show me where." With that he slips his shield from his shoulder and readies his bastard sword, just in case. **
** (6617) Cemar Gyp holds off moving to rhune so as not to disguise the smell with the device, letting the others investigate **
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour Leads Gundelbar down into the hold. **
(6642) servent: Alright, You walk on down, past the living quarters, past the hkitchen into the hold, and to the back with the crates. But you smell nothing particularly wrong. It seems everyone is evacuating to the deck.
(6642) servent: INT checks all around
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Int check: [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(6642) servent: Gundelbar remembers they brought the trinket with them.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((no we didn't.... Cemar has it on the top deck :P))
(6642) servent: Oh, I thought everone went down, sorry.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((just me and Adouri :o))
(6767) Rhune: sorry guys, gotta go afk again; my wife is sick, and she needs some TLC; I'm going afk until I'e done taking care of her. Sorry!
(6642) servent: I missed it. Alright *ahem* IT SMELLS AWEFUL, you retch just walking down there.
(6642) servent: Alright. It can be fitted in actually.
** (6681) Gundelbar pukes to the side as he stops, then continues down to the galley **
(6617) Cemar Gyp: Abilities: INT [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)
(6642) DM drex: It's fine now.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((if i needed it, still haning back
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour turns three shades of green then loses it. **
(6642) DM drex: All you see is an empty hold, however. Nothing exciting, supplies
(6642) DM drex: A horrible stench though, as if something had gone bad.
(6681) Gundelbar: Starting looking through supplies... We are going to deal with someone if they've been serving us rotten food...
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((can we take 20 to do a thourough search for the cause off the stench?))
** (6681) Gundelbar begins opening the different barrels, crates, whatnot in search of the source **
(6642) DM drex: Alright you look around, and all the dried meats and fruits seem fine. The stench seems worst in the back... where Gundelbar goes.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour follows Gundelbar helping with the search. **
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar opens one of the crates in the back, and he... make a fortitude save, Gundelbar
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
** (6681) Gundelbar is a paladin, he has amazing fortitude from feeding all the diseaesed lepers and virus filled beggars **
(6642) DM drex: ANd is able to keep from getting sick when he finds a crate stuffed firmly with human bodies.
(6681) Gundelbar: Dead bodies... are we missing any of the crew... have we checked recently?
** (6681) Gundelbar is saying that, IC to Adouri **
(6642) DM drex: You keep a tight ship. No one is missing.
(6617) Cemar Gyp: ((ewww))
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour "Hmmmm" thinks for a moment. **
(6642) DM drex: The door slams shut behind you and locks, apparantly from the outsid.
whispering to Cemar Gyp, Cemar listen check
** (6681) Gundelbar spins around **
whispering to Cemar Gyp, Skill, if you don't remember, otherwise a wisdom wroll
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour runs to the door and checks it. **
(6642) DM drex: It's locked alright
** (6681) Gundelbar kicks open the crate of human bodies **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Blast its locked.
** (6681) Gundelbar kicks over the crate of human bodies rather **
(6642) DM drex: And arm falls down, otherwise nothing.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Do you recognize any of those poor souls in the box?
(6681) Gundelbar: I don't think so...
(6642) DM drex: Everyone listen checks now.
** (6681) Gundelbar looks over the bodies, poking at them with his sword, trying not to throw up **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Listen Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: They poke just like any old bodies.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((what stat is listen check?))
(6642) DM drex: Skill and/or wisdom
(6642) DM drex: (It's a skill, but defaults to wisdom
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
whispering to Gundelbar, You hear a loud commotion in the mess hall or sleeping quarters.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour examines the lock on the door. **
(6681) Gundelbar: You any good with locks?
(6642) DM drex: It's a fairly simple, normal lock. They didn't truly expect anyone to steal from this horde.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, did I get your check?
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: I can get it open
(6681) Gundelbar: Good, if no I'll just kick it in.
** (6681) Gundelbar readies his sword and gets into a fighting stance waiting on Adouri **
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour opens a belt pouch and withdrals a lock pick. **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Open Lock Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [15,7] = (22)
whispering to Cemar Gyp, An evil mist is begining to cover the ocean ahead of you.
(6642) DM drex: You open the lock
(6767) Rhune: (sorry; all right, I'm back)
(6642) DM drex: Listen check Rhune
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour pulls open the door. **
(6642) DM drex: ((They found dead bodies in crates of the hold (eww))
** (6681) Gundelbar stands ready to charge whoever is in the doorway **
(6767) Rhune: (I dont even know whats going on, hehe)
(6767) Rhune: [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
(6642) DM drex: (That's what they found when they investigated.
(6767) Rhune: wait, its 18
(6681) Gundelbar: ((you are sitting in your room polishing your staff... cemar is coming to see you with the toy we found))
(6767) Rhune: oh dear1
(6767) Rhune: all right; I'm in my room studing texts of ancient lore! :P
(6767) Rhune: What did I hear?
(6642) DM drex: You were dozing so you didn't hear it earlier Rhune. But there is a comotion in the leader's sleeping quarters behind you.
(6767) Rhune: if anything?
(6642) DM drex: Whoops.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar you heard it too :)
(6767) Rhune: gptcha
(6681) Gundelbar: ((anything in the doorway? that Adouri opened?))
(6642) DM drex: Nothing.
whispering to Cemar Gyp, Cemar, you there?
** (6767) Rhune rises and frowns, listening closely to see if he can distinguish the sounds? **
** (6681) Gundelbar turns back, "Follow me Adouri, but stay some feet behind, in case of an ambush." **
** (6681) Gundelbar moves forward through the door, slowly, with deliberate steps, his eyes scanning constantly **
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour nods and readies his sword and follows Gundelbar. **
whispering to Rhune, It's over, you hear someone wlkaing upstairs to the deck though.
(6642) DM drex: I can't get Cemars attention anyone :(
(6642) DM drex: You there?
(6681) Gundelbar: ((just put cemar in the room with Rhune then))
(6642) DM drex: Did I miss hiim of afk?
** (6767) Rhune moves to his door and cautiously opens it? **
(6642) DM drex: miss him go I mean..
(6642) DM drex: The door to the deck is open.
(6642) DM drex: You can see down the hall
(6681) Gundelbar: ((no last thing he said was "eewwwww" quite some time ago))
(6642) DM drex: ((Maybe I grossed him out? Lol))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((hehehe))
** (6767) Rhune heads up to the deck and awaits in the door's arch, looking to see what might be going on **
(6642) DM drex: Well, I'll have him help, I'll play him I guess.
** (6681) Gundelbar moves forward slowly, keep his eyes open for any signs of trouble. He is heading towards the top of the ship **
(6642) DM drex: Spot/move silently check check Gundelbar
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour follows Gundelbar **
(6849) Dreg (enter): 22:21
(6849) Dreg: totally lagged out, sorry. :(
(6849) Dreg: last thing I saw was make a listen check
(6642) DM drex: Oh! You're cemar huh?
(6681) Gundelbar: Spot [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(6849) Dreg: yup
(6642) DM drex: You're still on the thing for some reason.
(6617) Cemar Gyp (exit): 22:21
(6681) Gundelbar: Move Silently [1d20-4] -> [12,-4] = (8)
(6642) DM drex: There ya go.
(6849) Dreg: Abilities: WIS [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
** (6681) Gundelbar is alert but loud **
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar, you spot Izan climbing up the ladder to the observation tower... in his undies... (here's the descrip...)
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((do I need to make those same checks? I am following Gundelbar))
(6642) DM drex: Alright. Make a spot check
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19)
(6642) DM drex: (No descrip coming after all.)
(6642) DM drex: You see him and can act as well too.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar... you just notcie him too.
** (6681) Gundelbar bellows loudly, "IZAN, you poor excuse of a warrior. Get back here now!" He sheaths his sword and begins a mad dash towards the ladder in an effort to reach Izan **
(6642) DM drex: You all see a deep fog roll in over the ship. And it's deeply cold.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour follows Gundelbar. **
(6767) Rhune: (have I reached the door yet? :) )
(6849) Cemar Gyp: ((did everyone just go past me, am I still with the device near the way into hold?))
(6642) DM drex: Izan clumsily climbs into the observation deck...
(6642) DM drex: ((you are still on the deck, you missed Izan since you werren't there to make a spot check.. sorry, I held itfor as long as I could
(6642) DM drex: ((Yesm you are there Rhune
(6849) Cemar Gyp: ((k, no prob))
(6767) Rhune: All right; what do I see going on?
** (6681) Gundelbar follows up the stairs, screaming louder, "Get back here you fraud!" **
(6849) Cemar Gyp: ((do I hear any of the commotion?))
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour comes up the stairs after Gundelbar. **
(6642) DM drex: Well, you come up, Rhune, just in time to see a large red flash that almost blinds you, even in the deep fog. You all hear shrieks in the hold and servant run up into the deck
(6642) DM drex: *servants
whispering to Gundelbar, You're on the rope ladder, is that right?
** (6767) Rhune moves to the side and looks for the source of the flash, and all the shrieks. **
(6681) Gundelbar (whispering): I was running after Izan, so I started climbing whatever he was climbing
(6642) DM drex: The flash probably came fromt the tower...
(6642) DM drex: servant even abandons ship.
(6642) DM drex: Finally Izan commits and act that is very odd for a paladin, He sends a magic missile at Gundelbar
(6642) DM drex: Roll initiatives..
(6849) Cemar Gyp: Initiative: [1d20+0] -> [19,0] = (19)
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: [1d20+7] -> [9,7] = (16)
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+1] -> [14,1] = (15)
** (6767) Rhune pivots; it appears that chaos has insued, and I need to sort out the situation before acting. **
(6767) Rhune: [1d20+2] -> [20,2] = (22)
(6767) Rhune: wow
(6642) DM drex: Izan: [1d20+2] -> [11,2] = (13)
(6642) DM drex: [1d4+1+1d4+1] -> [3,1,1,1] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: Six points of damage, Gundelbar, make a Fortidue save
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+ 10] -> [4,10] = (14)
(6642) DM drex: Alright... Rhune acts first.
** (6767) Rhune has no idea whats going on; people jumping off of decks, flashes of light, and Rhune, unfortunately, is in utter ignorance; do I see any combat going on? **
(6642) DM drex: Good point, I thought you made a spot check, but you didn't...I'll let you keep the roll next round though
(6767) Rhune: [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
(6642) DM drex: Look for the combat marks on the white bourd, one is crossed out, one it good, the arrow means up in the tower
whispering to Rhune, What was that for? I meant initiative
(6642) DM drex: The one that means hold
(6767) Rhune (whispering): I thought you wanted a spot check
(6642) DM drex: *says hold, I mean. That map
whispering to Rhune, You know there is a fight going on, it's okay. Sorry
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, your go.
(6767) Rhune (whispering): ok, who is fighting? Who against whom? :)
(6849) Cemar Gyp: ((do I know what's going on yet, did I see Izan hit Gund?
whispering to Rhune, Where all these people are going to act against. I am going to assume you will find out right before next round, although your weapon wont be readied if you didn;t say so.
** No match found
(6851) Lightfaith (enter): 22:38
(6642) DM drex: You say Gandlebur curse and climb up the ladder for a while. , and you say Izan hit Gund. You saw him.
(6767) Rhune (whispering): well he does take his staff where ever he goes, but right now, he is just trying to figure out who is fighting whom. and the player himself doesnt know, as he was taking care of his wife... :P
(6642) DM drex: There will be a penality because he is in a huge bucket shaped thingy
** (6849) Cemar Gyp fires Crossbow, Light [1d20] -> [5] = (5) Damage [1d8] -> [3] = (3) **
whispering to Rhune, Oh! Izan climber up the observation towe and shot a magic missle and Gundelbar who was clibming up the rope ladder.
(6642) DM drex: Sorry Gundelbar, you made your roll to stay on the ladder.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar's bolt whizzes in the air and through a sail (doing no real damage)
(6681) Gundelbar: ((so I don't get an action at all this turn?))
(6851) Lightfaith (exit): 22:40
(6767) Rhune (whispering): I see; I dont know what is going on andwhy they are fighting.
(6642) DM drex: ((yes, you made your roll, otherwise you would have fallen))
whispering to Rhune, They don't either, they don't know why he isn';t a paladin either.
(6642) DM drex: Your move Adouri
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((Ok let me get this straight, Gundelbar is on the ladder to the tower, so where am I?))
(6767) Rhune (whispering): of course, but from an RP standpoint, my character sees them both as, well, strangers, and has no reason to choose sides; however.....
(6767) Rhune (whispering): let me know when its my turn, please
(6642) DM drex: Down below, looking up.
whispering to Rhune, I will, you will be at the head of next round
(6767) Rhune (whispering): ok thanks
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: (( I am going to hold my action until after Gundelbar))
(6642) DM drex: Alright.
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar is next
** (6681) Gundelbar climbs the rest of the way up the rope, "Izan, I will cut out your infernal heart for that." **
(6681) Gundelbar: ((can i draw my blade and attack?))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((sorry if there is a lapse of time for my respones, my sister and her friend are surfing the net on two seperate computers on the network and we are on dial up and my bandwidth is reduced from it))
(6642) DM drex: ((Alright))
(6642) DM drex: ((You are about half way up.... you can't at this time.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((how far up the rope do I have left to go?))
(6642) DM drex: ((50 feet hight of 100 (about 33 yards)))
(6642) DM drex: 50 feet, it would take you...
(6681) Gundelbar: (( didn't realize he was that far ahead of me, thought I was right behind him....))
(6642) DM drex: ((Oh, sorry, he had been climbing a while before you got there, if Cemar was here, he might have noticed him while you were unlocking the door.
(6681) Gundelbar: ((so how many more rounds do i have to climb and be a pin cushion for?))
(6642) DM drex: It would take you 3 rounds if you make climbing rolls
(6642) DM drex: What armor are you in?
(6681) Gundelbar: medium
(6849) Cemar Gyp (exit): 22:50
(6856) Dreg (enter): 22:51
(6642) DM drex: It would be a stregth check minus 5 (checked your stats) to climb the ladder.
(6856) Dreg: sorry again..
(6642) DM drex: (minus 5 due too armor penalty)
(6642) DM drex: It would be a DC of ten
(6642) DM drex: I'll be nice and tell you than
(6642) DM drex: that
(6642) DM drex: on a 1d20-2
** (6681) Gundelbar will just keep climbing then((roll?)) **
(6642) DM drex: Sure.
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20-2] -> [11,-2] = (9)
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar is unable to make much progress on the rope and struggles against it.
(6642) DM drex: Did you want your turn now Cemar?
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((sure, are we still firing at izan in the bucket, or any other enemies/probs come up?
(6642) DM drex: ((not yet
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((I was the one holding the action))
(6642) DM drex: Sorry, I forgot. Cemar, it was Adouri.
(6642) DM drex: It's late :-s
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Crossbow, Light [1d20] -> [19] = (19) Damage [1d8] -> [7] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: ((lol, I guess I could let you hold it over, if ya wanted.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour puts the rapier he had in his hand and puts it in his mouth and scurries up the rope ladder like a mad man. **
(6856) Cemar Gyp: oops, well yea that would be nice ;)
(6642) DM drex: Alright. Adouri runs over and startsa to climb up. I'll give tku
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((I am pretty sure you can carry a rapier in your mouth, its only 3 lbs))
(6642) DM drex: you ten feet without a roll since you are taking some of your turn to run to the ladder and jump on it (15 feet per round of climbing with a succesful climbing roll))
(6642) DM drex: I say you can.
(6642) DM drex: Izan takes a light crossbow stapped to his back off and loads it.
(6642) DM drex: Spot check Rhune
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [4,2] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: And Cemar
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Abilities: WIS [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
(6767) Rhune: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)
(6642) DM drex: You don't need one yet Adouri.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((oh ok))
(6642) DM drex: You both see two zombies amble up the stairs from the hold
(6642) DM drex: Rhune you're go
(6767) Rhune: two ZOMBIES?!
(6642) DM drex: Yes.
(6767) Rhune: (btw, is this the same day we fought the fish creatures, or a new one?)
whispering to Rhune, Sorry, several days have passed, you've been to see for 13 days so far... they found dead bodies in the hold.
(6767) Rhune (whispering): thanks
(6767) Rhune: all right; still waiting for my turn :)
(6642) DM drex: Well, I said your go... (I checked)
(6642) DM drex: They couldn't possibly beat your initiative :p
(6767) Rhune: haha
(6642) DM drex: Initiative: [1d20-1] -> [18,-1] = (17)
(6767) Rhune: ok then.
** (6767) Rhune stares at the foul creatures. Where did such abominations come from? **
** (6767) Rhune will move to a deensive position, someplace where it will be hard for him to be approached by, then cast.... Unseen Servant. :) **
(6862) Heimdall (enter): 23:04
(6862) Heimdall (exit): 23:04
(6642) DM drex: Fair enough. Do you want to step back beside and kinda Cemar (so you can cast this round)?
(6642) DM drex: Rhune casts a spell, and as far as everyone but Rhune can see, nothing happens.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((I still see the old whiteboard, using that one or is there a way to refresh?
(6681) Gundelbar: ((go down to the bottom of it
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((ahhhh much better))
(6642) DM drex: If that's it, Cemar, your go.
** (6856) Cemar Gyp upon seeing the zombies, he forgoes the crossbow and attempts to turn the foul creatures **
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Turning Check: [+3+1d20] -> [3,20] = (23)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((woo)) :)
(6642) DM drex: Wow...
(6681) Gundelbar: ((oooooo dead zombies))
(6767) Rhune: that is impressive, hehe
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((that sure helped, was really a quandry to pass up the poss crit on izan..))
(6856) Cemar Gyp: 5 HD affected by my chart I think
(6642) DM drex: Sorry. Roll 2d6
(6856) Cemar Gyp: [2d6] -> [3,4] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: They both amble back under the hold, turned
(6642) DM drex: Adouri, your go.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((Don't I go after Gundelbar since I held my action?))
(6642) DM drex: Yesm sorry. I forgot it was permanent, I'll make a note.
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbsar, your go.
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20-2] -> [11,-2] = (9)
** (6681) Gundelbar continues to get the crap kind out him by a piece of hemp **
(6642) DM drex: You're immovable at this point.
(6642) DM drex: Izan takes a shot at Gundelbar.
(6642) DM drex: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [4,0] = (4)
(6642) DM drex: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [7,0] = (7)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((ouch..))
** (6681) Gundelbar just falls over and dies now... **
(6642) DM drex: Wait...
(6642) DM drex: You are in fog...
(6642) DM drex: [1d100] -> [1] = (1)
(6642) DM drex: Lol, he misses (10 percent chance in fog to miss. Lol, luck you.
(6642) DM drex: We go low in this group, by the way.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((whew))
(6642) DM drex: ((You get a thirty percent chance to miss him when you strike as he is covered and is fog))
(6642) DM drex: Adouri, now you go.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour continues his hurrried climb up the rope. **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
(6642) DM drex: You make it up 15 fett (now 25)
(6642) DM drex: *feet
(6642) DM drex: Since you aren't suprised, as such, Rhune and Cemar see another zombie crawl from the hold.
(6642) DM drex: Rhune your go.
(6642) DM drex: Initiative: [1d20-1] -> [2,-1] = (1)
(6767) Rhune: ok
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): Hey on my next turn can I look for a rope thats for hoisting the sails, grab hold of it and cut it speeding me up to the tower?
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, Lessee...
(6767) Rhune: now, what I want to do next is going to depend on you; but boats, in general, can be dangerous places to be on when, say a rope holding a boom seetion comes loose, and they swing around and knock people off the boat; what I'm wanting to do is try and navigate the Unseen Servant to, for instance, untie ropes, spill over barrels, etc, to try and sweep the zombies off the boat. Unfortunately, without a very expliicit map, I can only guess; I'll have to leave the details up to you.... :)
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, Make an int rioll, even if you don't have a super special skill :p
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Int check: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(6642) DM drex: Allright. I suppose you will spend your turns guiding it to ropes and barrels since it's mindless, or do you want to make it conitually untie any rope it sees?
(6642) DM drex: Remembering it has a stength score of 2
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): pfft I guess not, it would have been cool and had style
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, You can't make an educated guess at this point, sorry, not ant arms length at this point
(6642) DM drex: Can you whisper which method?
(6642) DM drex: Rhune?
(6642) DM drex: Cause destruction? How about that. Something unseen beging to filddle with a rope behind a mast.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, your up.
** (6856) Cemar Gyp upon seeing more foul creatures, again calls on Bradmorr-Aldrast to help him. **
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Turning Check: [+3+1d20] -> [3,10] = (13)
(6642) DM drex: Alright, youre up to it, roll 2d6 pleade
(6856) Cemar Gyp: [2d6] -> [4,1] = (5)
(6642) DM drex: You turn it, and he ambles down to the hold again.
(6767) Rhune: (sorry, wife needed me aain)
(6642) DM drex: Adouri?
(6642) DM drex: Sorry
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar
(6767) Rhune (whispering): I'd direct it
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20-2] -> [3,-2] = (1) - ready to just dive into the ocean
whispering to Rhune, Make an int check then
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar falls...
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((ack :( ))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((sorry was afk getting water))
whispering to DM drex, [5d6] -> [3,2,1,4,4] = (14)
(6767) Rhune (whispering): [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(6642) DM drex: Gundel bar takes 12 points of damage and is at -4
(6642) DM drex: And dying, on the deck
** (6681) Gundelbar lies on the deck, blood everywhere.... **
(6642) DM drex: WAM
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((baring more zombies I'll heal, btw where is gaelan and the other hench, or do I just not know right now?))
(6642) DM drex: Adouri, Gundelbar whizzes by you, almost hitting you.
(6642) DM drex: ((They aren't here.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((roger))
(6642) DM drex: Adouri, your move.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour continues to scurry up the rope **
(6642) DM drex: Roll, big guy :D
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): can I continue to look for a rope for the express route?
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12)
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, Sure roll every round.
** (6681) Gundelbar has blood and other assorted fluids spill out of his body from the dent he made in the deck **
(6642) DM drex: Adouri is now up 40 feet.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Int check: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(6642) DM drex: You can see a rigging you think holds a sail up.
(6642) DM drex: On the mast your climbing.
(6642) DM drex: Alright, Izan...
** (6681) Gundelbar lies on the deck, swiming in a pool of blood, wishing he had thrown Izan over the side of the ship a few days earlier **
(6642) DM drex: He takes a shot at Adouri now, after he laughs at Gundelbar's fate. "You fools have no idea the forces you put youself up against in Gosseg. It's IS the devils!
(6642) DM drex: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [1,0] = (1)
(6642) DM drex: He misses wildly after all that to-do.
(6642) DM drex: Rhune.
(6642) DM drex: Your go...
whispering to DM drex, [1d4] -> [3] = (3)
(6642) DM drex: Three zombies climb up this round
(6856) Cemar Gyp: dag nabit
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((they don't stay turned, or can we tell if these are new zombies?))
(6767) Rhune (whispering): I direct the unseen servant as before, to start untieing ropes
(6642) DM drex: Alright, he's got a rope at the mast now almost good.
(6642) DM drex: (The unseen servant)
(6642) DM drex: Initiative: [1d20-1] -> [17,-1] = (16)
(6767) Rhune: ok, gotcha
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, your go.
** (6681) Gundelbar has a feeling he will sit up to be smashed over the head by a mast, definately turning into comic relief now **
** (6856) Cemar Gyp knows the threat of the undead looms, but the priority is his comrade. He spontaneously casts cure light **
(6642) DM drex: I think that's 1d8+1 (cause your level one.)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: [1d8+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar is at one and can act this ruond I believe (it will take a round to stand up though.
** (6681) Gundelbar coughs a bit, still in pain, looking around rather dazed **
(6642) DM drex: ((and get situated, sure)
** (6681) Gundelbar feels himself up(aka lay hands) for 4 hps **
** (6681) Gundelbar staggers to his feet looking around **
(6642) DM drex: Good thinking ((I was always teased for doing tat when I playred a pal, "I touch myself and... no wait...
(6767) Rhune: (hey, I need to take off for now; sorry man. thanks for the game, but its time for bed! :)
(6767) Rhune: nice to meet you all; BYE!!! :)
** (6767) Rhune smiles and waves **
(6856) Cemar Gyp: good to meet you too, take care :)
(6642) DM drex: Alright, you want me to play you till the end? almos tover?
(6642) DM drex: Tkae care, thanks for playing.
(6767) Rhune: sure, go ahead.
(6767) Rhune: I'll catch ya again sometime. Later1
(6642) DM drex: bye
(6767) Rhune: Disconnecting from server...
(6767) Rhune: Disconnecting from server...
(6767) Rhune (exit): 23:41
(6642) DM drex: Alright, zombies move..
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(6642) DM drex: one for Gundelbar:...
(6642) DM drex: mis
(6642) DM drex: s
(6642) DM drex: One on Cemar...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(6642) DM drex: Miss
(6642) DM drex: One For rhune...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [6,1] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: Miss again.
(6642) DM drex: Your go, Adouri.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((good thing that one missed..))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((Can I grab ahold of the rigging I saw last round?))
(6642) DM drex: ((Sure. You'll hae to make a more serious climbing roll.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((ok))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Climb Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
(6642) DM drex: Adouri grabs hold of a rigging and cuts it and flies toward the top.
(6642) DM drex: Make a reflex roll, Adouri...
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Reflex save: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: *Sigh* It's not hopeless...
(6642) DM drex: You try to grab hold of the observation bucket on the way up, but miss and overshoot by about 15 feet.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((I have a feeling I wish I had wings))
(6642) DM drex: You are dangling up above the tower now.
(6642) DM drex: Izan goes "Wha...?"
(6642) DM drex: and tries to take a shot at Adouri again...
(6642) DM drex: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [1,0] = (1)
(6642) DM drex: And misses... cursing.
(6642) DM drex: Rhune causes the mast to fall and it smothers the zombies, also blocking the entrance. Not without trouble to the other pcs.
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar, Cemar, make reflex rolls.
(6642) DM drex: Me too I guess...
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Saving Throws: Reflex [+2+1d20] -> [2,8] = (10)
(6681) Gundelbar: [1d20+5] -> [7,5] = (12)
(6642) DM drex: Reflex save: [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar is able to jum out of the way, Cemar is "netted" by the mast, and Rhune is far befind it all
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((who turned out the lights? ;) ))
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, your move, doing anything will require crawling out or making a suitablew roll for something else.
** (6856) Cemar Gyp attempts to get out from under the suddenly lower sails **
(6642) DM drex: Alright. You do so,And crawl north (the quickest way out...)
(6642) DM drex: The zombies spend the entire round clawing mindlessly at the mast
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar? Your move.
(6871) octavious (enter): 23:54
(6681) Gundelbar: ((can i take a cheap shot at the zombie who tried to hit me?))
(6871) octavious: Disconnecting from server...
(6871) octavious: Disconnecting from server...
(6871) octavious (exit): 23:55
(6642) DM drex: (Sure... there is a percentage chance to miss, but you can fdo it all you want
(6642) DM drex: (Because he's covered
(6642) DM drex: (A small chance. He's not pinned to tight.
** (6681) Gundelbar draws him blade, and slashes at the zombie **
(6681) Gundelbar: Attacks: [1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13) Damage: [1d10+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
(6642) DM drex: [1d100] -> [31] = (31)
(6642) DM drex: You strike it!
(6642) DM drex: It makes the small weezing noise that zombies make when they are injured.
(6642) DM drex: Adouri, what are you going to do?
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((can I get to Izan and attack him this round?))
(6642) DM drex: (Well, you are in a predicament, you are hovering over him, so unless ou can drop something on him, all you can do is drop down or hold on for dear life.
(6642) DM drex: (Try to land in the tower)
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((Can I use tumble to try to land in the tower and hit him?))
(6681) Gundelbar: (((i really had to do this drex, but I have to get up for duty in like 6 hours... heh... just have me slaughter zombies and what not... talk to you tomorrow on results ok?))
(6642) DM drex: You can land on him if you want, that would use tumble.
(6642) DM drex: Allright,. Sigh. :)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: take care Gundelbar, catch ya later
(6681) Gundelbar: Disconnecting from server...
(6681) Gundelbar: Disconnecting from server...
(6681) Gundelbar (exit): 23:59
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((ok thats what i will do then))
(6642) DM drex: Bye
(6642) DM drex: Woops
(6642) DM drex: Alright, roll tumble
(6856) Cemar Gyp: I'm sticking it out :) I wanna know what all I've missed.. heh
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: woooooOO!!!!
(6642) DM drex: Wow! You land rigt on him.
(6642) DM drex: I'll just assume the falling damage applies to him. Roll 2d6
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour tumbles off the rope and lands on top of Izan **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Take that! Haha
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((ooc.. *golf clap* :) ))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: [2d6] -> [2,1] = (3)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: d'oh..
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((still better him than you))
(6642) DM drex: Adouri lands on Izan's back and glances off of it...knocking him against the wall.
(6642) DM drex: Izan panicks and begins to cas a spell, which is an attack of opportunity for you... Adouri
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Rapier Attack Roll: [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)===> DMG: [1d6+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(6642) DM drex: You strike at him.. now for his skill roll...
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((chance for crit I think))
(6642) DM drex: You rolled a 16 naturaly.. so no.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((oh oops stupid mistake))
(6642) DM drex: Concetration Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20)
(6642) DM drex: He is able to get it off... what's your dex bonus?
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((brb))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((+3))
(6642) DM drex: Hmm didn't woirk that way... 1d20 +1
(6642) DM drex: lol [1d20+1] -> [7,1] = (8)
(6642) DM drex: He misses with his spell, he can try to touch you again next round though.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((back))
(6642) DM drex: Rhune sends his servent to some secret bidding...
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, your go...
** (6856) Cemar Gyp takes up his mace and attacks the covered zombies **
(6642) DM drex: ((Go fer it!
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Mace, Heavy [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18) Damage [1d8+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(6642) DM drex: Which one...
(6856) Cemar Gyp: the one that Gund most recently damaged
(6642) DM drex: Thats the one closest anyway now...
(6856) Cemar Gyp: that works
(6642) DM drex: You knock it pretty good... them now...
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [5,1] = (6)
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [17,2] = (19) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(6642) DM drex: Ouch!
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((they're uncovered?))
(6642) DM drex: Crap! I remembered.. They are uncovered by this round, but it's going to take them a round to act... ignore it please..(It's midnight, okay? :p
(6856) Cemar Gyp: heh, k ;)
(6642) DM drex: ((They ahave unntauraly strong hands, so they can rip through it okay.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((okie doke
(6642) DM drex: Then it't's Gundelbar's turn...
(6642) DM drex: [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25)
(6642) DM drex: [1d20] -> [16] = (16)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((cheers!))
(6642) DM drex: Oh yeah, undead are immune to crits...
(6642) DM drex: [1d10+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: d'oh
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((that still works))
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((that one *better* be dead or we're all dead ;) ))
(6642) DM drex: With a swipe of his sword, he makes zombie 1's head split right down the middle. It falters for a second, and then crumples under the mast
(6642) DM drex: Your go, adouri
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour Thrusts his blade at Izan. **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Rapier Attack Roll: [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3)===> DMG: [1d6+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: Under the tight conditions, Adourihas trouble making his blade swing the way he's used to and bcan't land a blow.
(6642) DM drex: Izan...
(6642) DM drex: [1d20+1] -> [19,1] = (20)
(6642) DM drex: [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(6642) DM drex: You feel a chill in your spine, Adouri, but most of his power flows over you.
(6642) DM drex: You also feel weaker (lose 1 str)
(6642) DM drex: (WHich now gives you a +1 instead of +2 on str bonus
(6642) DM drex: Rhunes Causes a barrel to fall on on of the zombies...
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Damn thats cold ((in character))
(6642) DM drex: [1d20+1] -> [9,1] = (10)
(6642) DM drex: But it falls on the floor beside zombie 2's feet.
(6642) DM drex: And rolls around a bit...
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, your go.
** (6856) Cemar Gyp steps to the side and behind Gund, and spon casts another cure light on him. **
(6856) Cemar Gyp: [1d8+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(6642) DM drex: He's now at 8...
(6642) DM drex: Zombies... for real this time...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [3,1] = (4)
(6642) DM drex: Both miss him...
(6642) DM drex: One goes for Rhune...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [4,2] = (6) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: one is dead
(6642) DM drex: And misses.
(6642) DM drex: Right, only one misses Gundelbar then.. ((Sigh FOCUS, FOCUS))
(6856) Cemar Gyp: unless there's more?
(6642) DM drex: Nope they've stopped runnig from the hold.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((no worries, home stretch right :) ))
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((good))
(6642) DM drex: So it Gundelbar's turn..
(6642) DM drex: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(6642) DM drex: He strikes for... [1d10+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(6642) DM drex: Adouri, your go.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour again he thrusts at Izan. **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)
(6642) DM drex: He strike him...
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: [1d8+1] -> [8,1] = (9)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((wooo))
(6642) DM drex: You... ((oh gosh... Zzzz))
(6642) DM drex: You thrust your sword into his shoulder... as he begins to fall unconscious... and mutters... "Gossmorr will come..."
(6642) DM drex: And he falls backward out of the tower and falls to his broken and slightly mushy death.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((*cheer adouri*))
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ((w00t))
(6642) DM drex: Rhune, at a loss of what to do, just sends his creepy servant out to do some more trickery...
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Ewww terrible way to go.
(6642) DM drex: ((Yea! :D))
(6642) DM drex: Cemar, it's your move again... two zombies left...
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((can I flank the one that gund atked?))
(6642) DM drex: ((You are behind him now, so not wiithout... not really.
(6642) DM drex: ((You crawled behind him a bit when you crawed out...
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((ok so I can go up and join him this move melee to the one he atkd?))
(6856) Cemar Gyp: ((so can I that is))
(6642) DM drex: ((By the way, I was going to have Izan cut the ladder, but it seemed unfair, beecause I never gave him a dagger :p))
(6642) DM drex: ((Yes, you can..
** (6856) Cemar Gyp moves up to fight the zombie along side Gundel **
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Mace, Heavy [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12) Damage [1d8+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(6642) DM drex: You hit and wound him further.
(6642) DM drex: Zombie... at Gundelbar...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [3,1] = (4)
(6874) Iuan (enter): 00:29
(6874) Iuan (whispering): Any openings, monseniour?
(6642) DM drex: The zombie finally strikes the paladin across the head, making him reel a bit
whispering to Iuan, Almost over, sorry
(6874) Iuan (whispering): Thanks
(6642) DM drex: Zombie at Rhone..
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [11,2] = (13) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(6874) Iuan (exit): 00:30
(6642) DM drex: And knocks him a bit..
(6642) DM drex: sending him back a few feet with a blow to the chest..
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar...
(6642) DM drex: [1d20+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(6642) DM drex: Swings and misses, distracted by a throbbing hin his skull.
(6642) DM drex: Adouri?
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour sheathes his sword and takes out his light crossbow. "Hey guys your backup has arrived!" **
(6873) Alwyn (enter): 00:32
(6642) DM drex: Alright, I want to get this over with, but I guess rules are rules :p
** No match found
(6642) DM drex: Rune makes a full retreat back, going defensive.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar?
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Mace, Heavy [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11) Damage [1d8+2] -> [1,2] = (3)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: to nearest zombie
(6642) DM drex: The zombie is beaten badly, but still sumbles around, swinging oblivious to the paiin.
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [18,2] = (20) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [3,1] = (4)
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar is consiocus, but taken down... he falls to the floor.
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [10,2] = (12) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(6642) DM drex: Same with Rhune...
(6856) Cemar Gyp: aw man..
(6873) Alwyn: Disconnecting from server...
(6873) Alwyn: Disconnecting from server...
(6873) Alwyn (exit): 00:34
** No match found
** No match found
(6642) DM drex: Cemar?
(6856) Cemar Gyp: did adouri go?
(6642) DM drex: Sorry, Adouri.
(6642) DM drex: Lol
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour aims and fires a bolt at the zombie Rhone was playing with. **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [7,0] = (7)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: *woo*
(6642) DM drex: [1d100] -> [27] = (27)
(6642) DM drex: And hits.
(6642) DM drex: Right through his skull, although it turn around, looking for the source of danger.
** No match found
** (6856) Cemar Gyp gives his last spon cast of cure light to Gund **
(6642) DM drex: Now cemar.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: [1d8+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(6642) DM drex: Attack of opporutnity...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [1,2] = (3) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(6642) DM drex: Complete miss.
(6642) DM drex: Zombies go now..
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar...
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [4,2] = (6) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(6642) DM drex: A wild swing by the hurting zombie..
(6642) DM drex: Cemar...
(6877) octavious (enter): 00:37
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [6,2] = (8) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(6642) DM drex: Miss again as the other zombie swing at the cleric.
(6642) DM drex: Adouri
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour aims again and fires another bolt at the zombie Rhone was playing with. **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [5,0] = (5)
(6642) DM drex: [1d100] -> [10] = (10)
(6642) DM drex: Oh, you hit.
(6642) DM drex: It is very wounded now, but midlessly going on swinging at the living things in front of him.
(6642) DM drex: Cemar
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Mace, Heavy [1d20+2] -> [17,2] = (19) Damage [1d8+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(6856) Cemar Gyp: to most wounded looking zom
(6877) octavious (exit): 00:40
(6642) DM drex: You break his entire shoulder off, and the wretched thing falls down in pieces.
(6642) DM drex: The last zombie..
(6642) DM drex: Attacks: Slam [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17) -- Damage: [1d6+1] -> [3,1] = (4)
(6642) DM drex: The zombie gives Cemar a blow to the stomach, vausing him to double over.
(6642) DM drex: *causing
(6642) DM drex: Adouri
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour aims at the last zombie and fires. **
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Crossbow, light Attack Roll: [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)===> DMG: [1d8+0] -> [3,0] = (3)
(6642) DM drex: His arrow flies with a thunk into the boards of the deck...
(6642) DM drex: ((Cemar... finish it off or something :Do
(6856) Cemar Gyp: Mace, Heavy [1d20+2] -> [15,2] = (17) Damage [1d8+2] -> [7,2] = (9)
** (6856) Cemar Gyp smiteth heavily the last zombie **
(6642) DM drex: Cemar wacks it aside the head, causing the dry skull to bounce around the deck a few times.
** (6856) Cemar Gyp checks the area for immediate danger and then tends to the wounded **
(6642) DM drex: Now I am going to end this a bit...
(6642) DM drex: You dispatch the turned zombies, and find more down below pestering and muching on killed servants...
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour slowly climbs down from the tower. "Hey are you guys alright?" Then proceeds to retrieve his bolts and then looks the corpse of Izan. **
(6642) DM drex: ((You badnage the wizards wounds...)
(6642) DM drex: You are able to round them off with the servants help.
(6642) DM drex: And kill them off.
(6642) DM drex: You discover that Gaelun was murdered in his sleep, and the cleric Iggrid was murdered while at her desk, writing.
(6642) DM drex: Apparantly some person or force was trying to keep the boats from reaching their destination with an intact crew.
(6642) DM drex: When the fog clears, you have no sight of the other shipsm and no site of them.
** (6823) Adouri D' Lour turns to Gundelbar " Looks like your are in charge now" **
(6642) DM drex: You seem land ahead, but you are all allone.
(6642) DM drex: Gundelbar looks nerbous, but accepts his duty.
(6879) Alwyn (enter): 00:47
(6642) DM drex: I will give a more detailed description by email if you want.
(6642) DM drex: But that's the end of the adventure... arriving on the continent of Gosseg alone, but with the supplies needed to survie.
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ok
(6856) Cemar Gyp: that would be great, I'd also be interested in knowing what happened just after we found the device and ad and gun went to investigate if possible ;)
(6642) DM drex: Alright. I will remember to send you that info. I will also describe Gosseg barel.y
(6642) DM drex: How about eperience? Rhunew did correct me, but you have more coming for other killing and general cleverness :p
(6856) Cemar Gyp: I'd also like to do a take 20 search of the ship and all zombies/rest of the dead, and give them proper burials
(6642) DM drex: Alright, you can do that once you reach land.
(6856) Cemar Gyp: sounds great, really enjoyed it :) I look forward to next thurs
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: Yeah I had a blast, I also look forward to next time.
(6856) dreg: I'll try to fix up the nodes to work better on my end too..
(6642) DM drex: 700 hundred for all the fighting..
whispering to dreg, 100 for roleplaying
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: so for the whole adventure 1200?
whispering to dreg, and "other" :p
(6856) dreg (whispering): thanks :)
whispering to Adouri D' Lour, 100 for roleplaying, and 50 for the crazy stunts
(6856) dreg: that should get us all into lvl 2 for landfall, cool
(6642) DM drex: No, altogether. It was much less than I thought. Sorry, I did the math wrong finding the average whatever blah. :p
(6823) Adouri D' Lour (whispering): So a grand total of 1350?
(6642) DM drex: Sorry he was wrong... sigh... it's more I meant 700 for ALL the fighting...
(6642) DM drex: It's 500 for the first fight...
(6642) DM drex: 1025 alltogetrher, pluss what I told you guys.
(6856) dreg: ah, okies
(6642) DM drex: So you do level anyway, Rhune told me of another way to caslculate it, it's stricter, but the book goes by this way.
(6856) dreg: that'll work for me
(6642) DM drex: ((And hell, it was a long night.))
(6856) dreg: quite :)
(6642) DM drex: Alright,. Thanks for playing... I will email you guys and see who's interested in staying.
(6642) DM drex: In the campaign.
(6856) dreg: sounds great to me
(6642) DM drex: The monk, obiviously not.
(6856) dreg: we had a monk?
(6823) Adouri D' Lour: ok I will also send you an email with my input if you like?