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  • Gundelbar Ferindor, Paladin

  • Adouri D'Lour, Rogue

  • Cemar Gyn, Cleric

  • Qalare, Sorceror

  • Colin Smith, Sorceror

  • Nuumirlie Amavathal, Ranger

  • Message Board

The Beginning

On the island nation of Quidann, Clerics and Paladins rule along with zealous nobles. For hundreds of years there had been knowledge of a giant continent across the waters to the east, but it has been forbidden to travel to that land for longer than anyone can remember. That continent, Gosseg, is fabled to have evils upon evils over itís forests and jungles (along with great riches).

Well, Quidann is finally crowded now, and there is a streak of poverty in the land. Naturally, the religious leaders are announcing their new inspiration to the world: they have seen visions and the gods want them to invade Gosseg and vanquish the evil there. If they don't, they declare that the island nation of Quidann itself will be invaded.

All types of people take the call, the pious, the greedy pretending piousness, and those warriors and socialites who have been promised land and nobility for this undertaking. Fortunately, the undertaking is being headed by paladins, so no blatantly evil people are getting involved, as far as anyone knows.

Are you going to pick up your courage and the banner of war?

And Why?

Gods, riches, and power rule the hearts of men.

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The Holy Wars by Dave Robinson
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