Fractured humanity takes place somewhere in 2100-2500, with a suggested beginning at 2300-2400. The main focus of it's adventures are the tensions between three interplanetary governments: The Federation, The Empire, and Macrocosm (a corporate controlled government). Other forces also interfere with the equation.

General History

In 2030, during in-depth exploration of mars, the ruins of an underground facility was discovered that had been left behind by a presumed extinct race of people known as the ancients. During excavations, experiments with their advanced technology was experimented with. Within time, scientists were able to connect power to the facility which yielded an unsuspected result... a thing-made wormhole opened up between the space of Earth and Mars. After seemingly endless experiments and more stolen technology, a method of safely navigating the wormhole was introduced in 2080. Travel between the stars was finally possible!, yet on the onset many casualties were experienced due to the technology they had not yet understood (and still don't to this day).

Apparently Mars had been a the center point of an ancient civilization. The few records found of them seem to indicate that Mars had been a home base of sorts for aliens traveling this little corner of the galaxy.

Much to everyone's dismay, alien races had not yet been discovered and we were still alone in the universe. They did make ample use of the jump points in between the formerly civilized planets and began to colonize the universe. There was a belief that space travel would unite all the different peoples and beliefs of earth and mark a new dawn in human development. In 2104 one nation was born to rule over all human peoples with Earth (Terra) as it's capitol, the Federation.

The federation spread itself too thin and grew too fast. The people in general were happy, but the citizens on the outskirts of civilization began to grow discontent. The quality of life seemed to diminish the further one reached from Terra, seemingly due to favoritism. The Federation did not seem to have the funds and manpower to police and govern the universe and spent an in proportionate amount of those small funds near the Terra area. A group of revolutionaries proposed that the problem occurred because of human error and passion. They believed that while the human characteristics can be a beautiful thing, human characteristics are not necessarily good for government - with error, bias, and greed. The revolutionary group over time (2117) turned into a terrorist group, and a war later to be known as the I Empire war broke out (2129).

The federation never had an enemy before and had an inadequate military to squash the rebellion. After years of war and many loses the Empire won a sizable section of known universe as it's territory and was officially established as a nation under the rule of The Emperor version I in  2168.

During the war, the federation began to explore more venues of colonization and resources. Using planetary maps from the ancients, they decided to head galactic south, where the more useful planets seemed to be. Small psuedo-terraforming projects also began in less friendly planets. The first colony Simon was established in 2134. The planets had to be reached via STL travel (slower than light travel) and it took many years to reach them. The human race had just began to understand the other dimension (which had originally been called Oz at first because of their lack of understanding of the phenomenon - and it stuck) Oz, and was able to produce their more primitive wormhole after 8 years construction (2136). Soon colonizing began to be a more capitalist venture, and government colonization programs were no longer needed (around 2180) with Sol-tek leading the industry... in about everything related to space travel.

In 2197, a race of aliens known as the Gormelites was discovered on Gormel by an explorer of the same name.

The federation was astounded by the Empires grievances against humanity claiming that the Empire - gave power of government to a few selected programmers, forced many into hard and dangerous labor, and even tried to control peoples destinies and genetics for the "benefit of the people" (which began under The Empire v. II. - 2204). This enraged the federation and incited them (along with bitterness) to go to war again in what became to be known as the II Empire war (began 2219). They were much better prepared and began to win much territory back over time. It seemed federation victory was eminent.

Sol-tek, however had plans of their own. Deciding business would be more profitable (and enjoyable) without federal regulation, they decided to secretly build a military fleet and become it's own governing organization. This enormous feat was possible due to the fact FTL (faster than light) communication had not yet been invented.  In 2229, the II Empire War was seeming to begin to end, but the federation had finally found out about the revolution. The weakened Federation made peace with the Empire and began to make war against Sol-Tek. It only won a few planets back before they had to quit (in 2235).

In order to make up for lost funds and materials, the Federation gave back some territories to the Empire in exchange for aid.

Sol-tek renamed itself Macrocosm in 2239, in light of their new view of singular interplanetary dominance over (eventually) the known universe. Ever since that time a rebel force has been growing stronger in Macrocosm. The wounded Empire is trying to keep a distance from political aggravations, and the Federation seems ready to go to war with Macrocosm again at the slightest provocation.

An Irari colonization ship made contact with the federation on 2247. They had not invented FTL travel, but did bring along FTL communication technology (with which it intended to use to communicate to the mother planet with). Traveling with the Irari were the Sparrials.

Any further history is omitted to not give any information away in the NEW TRICKS campaign.


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