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This site has two purposes: to provide game masters of the GURPS role-playing system with a universe to use in their own games and to also provide the players of the new tricks campaign with information. All information in this site can be used for non-profit purposes.

Last updated on June 19, 2001

General Universe Information and history Universe Specific Rules
Federation Information GURPS Official Web site
The Empire - Under construction Useful Links

Macrocosm Information

New Tricks Campaign site
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APRIL 8 - Say what? I filled in that "Rules specific" information thingy with something neat! Hurrah!

APRIL 7 - Way updated Darty 2-4 entry, which was all screwed up. Added a fighter and a civilian jump ship. I've created the entire military fleet for Macrocosm, just processing them on here.

APRIL 5 (later that night) - Updated PDVs to reflect the camapign change from near TL 11 to a straight TL 10. Will be making sure that the information files reflect this and adding actual new star ship in the future (a civilian transport and the "Dart Board").

APRIL 5, er Next Year - LONG TIME. Getting life in order, going to try to run this again. Wonder when and where. New ship posted, links fixed. Campaign is pretty much going to be a straight TL 10 campaign now (rather than almost TL 11 :p) with some extra rules for the 3 different civiliazations having access to some improved technology.

JUNE 4 - Stats for HF starcrafts added (only two so far for macrocosm). Maps and stats link leads to Useful Links page for now.

JUNE 19 - A begining for the empire info page is finally posted!

JUNE 17 - Stats for Alien races in HF universe added to site in maps and stats! Ship stats also moved to maps and stats. Generic, usefull RPG links moved to Usefull links (If you have any suggestions, please mail me).

JUNE 7 - Interface changes.

JUNE 5 - Due to suggestions, I began to make certain sites an easier read. Enjoy! It pays to be whiney! :)