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There is no nation is history that is as organized and methodical as the Empire. For most within it’s borders, hunger and poverty have been eliminated by scientific equations. Few suffer, many are content.

The existence of the Empire is possible through the greed, passion, and lawlessness that space exploration fostered. Many people explored space to fill their pockets with money and resources and leave the center of humanity behind them where they could fulfill their desires with less interference. Many explorers in their zeal excited by the possibilities, adventure, and knowledge that space exploration provided, caused the federation to expand to quickly. Furthermore, that lessening of interference mentioned in the first example caused much lawlessness to abound in space, making much misery for the masses and joy and titillation for the few.

While many wondered in awe at the possible utopia of a space-bound society, there were also many that hated the chaos among the stars. Due to the weakness of the Federation, these discontents turned from and angry mob, to terrorists, to what eventually became a new nation. At first a group that called themselves the Defenders of the New Race began to perform violent – then terrorist – acts. While this group grew as a respectable power in known space Rowely L. Roed, a philosopher and computer programmer grew in power and influence in the DNR. He believed that there was not change needed in the Federal government, but that a whole new government was necessary to meet the need of a Space-faring race of people. Loving the logic that computers could present, he decided that a perfect, logical government could only be lead (and designed) by a perfect, logical computer. He began a project that began to be known as the Emperor. It was supposed to be the first and last supreme leader of a group of people. Roed hoped that his dream would extend to all of known space.

After much of a kind of missionary work and elbow grease, the distant communities of the northeast of known space supported him along with the DNR and brazenly announced their independence from the Federation. This did much to hurt the pride of the federation and also began to crush the strong ideal of many to have a "transcendent", unified race of human beings. In 2129, after the Empire’s announcement of their independence, war immediately broke out. The Federation, not prepared for interstellar battle, could not win back the lost territory and after much sweat and tears, the feds had to back down. In 2168 the Empire took up 35% of known space under the rule of The Emperor.

There did seem to be faults in Roeds design, and his program could not completely adapt and change according to new discoveries and events. Many people believed that there needed to be a more advanced model of the Emperor designed, and Krilley Frazsner filled that role. He designed what would be called The Emperor version II. Many "purists" objected, as they believed Roed’s ideal had been fullfilled, and a short civil war was made 2215.

The Emperor II was successfully placed on the thrown, but not long afterwards, with their pride still hurt and hearing rumors of injustice and horrors, the Federation saw that the opportunity to strike after the empire was weakened and still divided. The II Empire War began in 2219.

This time the Empire was prepared for battle and was carefully recapturing every planet and territory that was lost. It seemed as if the empire would have fallen, but when Sol-tek announced their own (and somewhat more complete) independence from the Feds, that halted the progress of the federal march against the empire. The Empire was still alive, but at a fraction of its previous size.

Pride hurt and resources diminished, the Empire began to explore space for the first time. It was the Empire that discovered the Saurans in 2256. After ten years (2266) the Saurans who began to be modernized were given the right to travel 50 years under a pact pressured upon them by the federation, and the Saurun were slowly, but surely being found all over known space.

In 2286, a second civil war broke out as The Empire version III was placed under power (after the second attempt).